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Rachelle 01-16-2013 02:33 PM

All gone! Please delete

I think I figured out how to get all the photos up by making them into collages. Lets see if this works...

Oops, it didn't. Replaced pics that showed mostly sold stuff. Email if you want more pics (exteriors, interiors)


Please Note: My location and life schedule do not allow me to be a fast shipper! I'm confident of getting things shipped within a week of purchase, but can't promise I'll be able to get to the post office sooner than that. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are looking for something to arrive really quickly, best purchase from someone else. All prices are not including shipping, I will charge cheapest shipping in addition. Feel free to make a reasonable offer if you don't like prices. All items from smoke-free, pet-friendly home.

1.Disanas, VGUC, medium. The blue one is a 2-3 yrs and the whites are 12-24 mo but as you can see in the pics, the blue is super-felted so it's actually the same size as the “smaller” ones. The white ones are moderately felted through the crotch and have some lanolin discoloration on the inside. All are very nighttime worthy. These all fit my son until about 22 lbs. LOWER PRICE NOW $10 eachSOLD

2.Unkown WAHM wool wrap, size large, some discoloration and a few tiny moth holes (pic doesn't show it, sorry) NOW FFS with another purchase

3.Little Beetle, multi-size but I'd say small through medium/large not really a full large. It runs very snug in the legs. Wool is in excellent shape, but there is one spot where the seam is slightly open (seconds flaw), which doesn't affect functionality. $10 SOLD

4.Stacinator size small. GUC with some staining on outside $10 SOLD

5.Biobottoms size B, older style with no gussets. Well loved (lots of stains) but still plenty of life left. The velcro has come loose on the edge; needs to be re-stitched or opened gently. $4

6.Biobottoms size C, but honestly I can't see any difference from the size B above! Older style with no gussets. Well loved (lots of stains) but still plenty of life left. $4

7.Biobottoms size C, older style with no gussets. Well loved (lots of stains) but still plenty of life left. $4

8.Biobottoms size B with gussets. Well loved (lots of stains) but still plenty of life left. $7 SOLD

9.Imse Vimse Medium. GUC, could use new waist elastic (super easy to do by hand) and has some discoloration on outside $10 Now $8

10.Bumpy size Large but I think it fits more like a Medium. Kool-aid (?) dyed red by someone else. Fair used condition, needs re-stitching on the velcro. I already replaced waist elastic $4 SOLD

11.Loveybums Organic Wool Large. Fair used condition, there's a lot of discoloration and a hole around one of the snap openings (you can still snap that one, just have to search for the snap through the hole) but elastic is in good shape. Good for nighttime if you prefer a wrap style. $7 Now $5

12.Loveybums Jersey Wool Medium/ Well loved but still in pretty decent shape. $10 SOLD

13.Loveybums Wool Crepe Large, may have felted to fit more like a medium. This one has velcro instead of snaps; I bought it used from someone who custom-ordered it that way. Leg elastic was replaced by LB after I bought it, so it's still in good shape despite lots of use. The only thing is that I find the front edge has a tendency to fold down, but the velcro is nice & soft so it doesn't chafe when that happens. $10

14.Loveybums Wool Crepe Large, may have felted to fit more like a medium. This was my favorite LB cover! Very trim fit but completely bulletproof. Staining shows how well-loved it has been, but still plenty of life left in it. $10 SOLD

15.Nikky X-Large (but I think it fits more like a Large). A little pilling around edges, some staining, wool is still perfectly intact. $8

16.Niji Medium VGUC to EUC. No staining, a miniscule amount of pilling around the leg openings. The waist on this one runs quite trim, best on a skinny baby. $15 Now $12 SOLD

17.Bumpy Large. Very well loved with staining, a hole worn on the inner layer (not quite sure how that was accomplished, it came to me that way!) and I've sewn repairs to the leg gussets. But still some life left in it, the wool itself is not worn thin so it's actually quite functional. FFS to whoever asks for it with another purchase.SOLD

18.Can't remember the brand, Large to X-Large. Very well-loved with some very thin spots around the legs. FFS to whoever asks for it with another purchase.

19.Biobottoms size C, older style with no gussets. Well loved (lots of stains) but still plenty of life left. $4

20.Biobottoms Hi-Cut size D. Staining/discoloration and some pilling around leg openings. NOW $10

21. Recycled Longies, medium blue cable, very soft. I made these for my 11-month old, he wore them once and they accidentally ended up in the regular wash. So they are now newborn size. Still somewhat stretchy, though. rise 13" inseam 7.25" waist 14" Sorry, no pic yet but if you're interested I'll take one and email it. $5 SOLD

Rachelle 01-16-2013 02:46 PM


Rachelle 01-16-2013 09:08 PM

Hey, I just realized our cat in my profile picture is wearing one of the covers listed here! Back when it was pretty new...

My apologies to those who PM'd me, I am trying to respond but my dial-up here at home keeps crashing. So I may not be able to get back to you until I'm at the office again tomorrow. I will be a very happy mama when we finally have access to DSL on our road.

abb220 01-16-2013 10:15 PM

I'm new to wool. I'm looking for a soaker for my almost 15 month old for a night time solution. What do you suggest from your list?

Rachelle 01-17-2013 01:11 PM

The Disanas are excellent nighttime covers, probably the most "bulletproof" because they cover halfway down the thighs, nice and high on the waist and the crotch can be felted to be nice and thick. That said, my son is only 11 mo old and he's already outgrown these ones (we are now in what claims to be a size 4-5!) He's big, though, wearing mostly 18 mo. clothes and weighing about 23 lbs. How big is your 15-mo-old? I'll try to measure the covers tonight and post them.

Rachelle 01-17-2013 08:55 PM

Here are the Disana measurements (unstretched):

Blue--Rise 20" overall, 13.5" felted area; Waist 17"; Leg openings 9"

Whitest white (the one far right in the pic)--Rise 20.5" overall, 13.5" felted area; Waist 16"; Leg openings 8.25"

White in the middle (a little more grayed from use than the other)--Rise 21" overall, 14" felted area; Waist 16.5"; Legs 8.5"

Fjb74 01-18-2013 08:05 AM

Hi, I love the top three disanas... If the lady above doesn't take them, I'd like them. I'm new so can't PM yet... Responded to a few ppl so far, hoping that counts for 6 posts. I'll keep checking back. Thank you!

Rachelle 01-18-2013 10:50 AM

Hi Fjb74, I'll put you second in line for them and give the other mama the rest of the day to decide; I sent her a PM as well. I suspect they'd be too small for a 15-mo-old, unless s/he is a real I bet they'll be yours. Should be able to get to the PO tomorrow morning if I get your paypal by then.

Fjb74 01-18-2013 04:54 PM

Thanks... Holding off for now but still on the fence. This site is like a drug... Lol. I sew well and know how to make these buggers myself but I just can't stop looking! ;)

Lazy on the couch so sent from my iPhone using DS Forum

axelscarlet 01-18-2013 05:08 PM

HI I sent a post about your other listing. I like the orange staccinator as well if available.

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