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Steph Ed 01-16-2013 04:30 PM

Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
What do you ladies recommend as necessities for breastfeeding? I'm getting Lansinoh and beyond that I'm kinda clueless. Breast pads??? I'm lost :)

Goldhh5 01-16-2013 05:41 PM

Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
Unless you are planning on pumping, you probably won't need lansinoh... Breast pads are a must... In the early days you will let down on both sides while nursing on one. I hardly ever leaked between sessions, but used Tue pads while nursing, and stuffed it down on the side I was not nursing on. Good luck! Remember how important it is, even when its hard. And reach out to you local LLL if needed!

cdeweese 01-16-2013 10:02 PM

Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
I definitely needed lanolin in the beginning and didn't start pumping until 8 weeks. I also needed breast pads and nursed on both sides per feeding (45 min every hour and a half during the day). Be prepared to spend the better part of the day sitting and nursing the first few weeks haha! I have a My Breast Friend pillow (you'll need to layer a pillow under it when the baby is tiny) and its so much better than the Boppy ;) I would also go as late in your pregnancy as possible and get 2 nursing bras to try. These things are nice to have and I would've been pretty uncomfortable without them. An LC contact is a great resource and you can usually have one visit your room before you leave the hospital (if you deliver there). Oh, and the BEST thing I had when starting out were breast pads that you could refrigerate or microwave to soothe sore boobs. Absolute HEAVEN! There are many different brands but I like the giant ones that have silicone beads inside, they conform to the breast the best :)

Computermama 01-17-2013 06:03 AM

Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
Definitely the lanisoh. Both my girls were kinda rough on me the first few weeks, and lanisoh saved my nipples and my sanity. I also liked booby tubes for pain relief between feedings, and can help if you get engorged, have plugged ducts etc. I don't use them now, but they were a godsend early on. Milkies milk saver is something I'd recommend too, along with some milk storage bags for the freezer - I like to keep a small stash in case I get sick or something and can't nurse. The milkies let me easily create a stash, as it caught milk on the non-nursing side that would otherwise have just been absorbed into a nursing pad, and over the course of a day or two of saving a half oz here and there, you end up with a 4 oz bag for the freezer. A pump is not a bad idea - a hand pump is fine for occasional pumping. My wrists won't tolerate pumping for any length of time, so I went with a single electric, the medela swing. I don't use it hardly at all now, but it got some use early on and will get more when I go back to work in a few months.

Oh yeah, definitely breast pads. I leak like CRAZY, or did for the first several months. When you nurse early on, you leak like mad on the other side. You'll also leak at the drop of a hat even when not nursing. It does seem to even out, I rarely need breastpads now that my nursling is 8 months old, but I wore bras and breastpads around the clock for the first 5-6 months. I leaked so much that the cloth ones wouldn't hold me.

jennayoung99 01-17-2013 09:36 AM

I'd say pick up some lanisoh anyways, that way you'll have it just incase, and you'll definitely need breast pads, my favorite are bamboo. Other than that the list is more of preference/if you plan on using these items, nursing cover, breast pump and storage bags, breast feeding pillow, oh ya! And milkies! (I just got one, and can not wait to try it out)

Spunkify 01-17-2013 09:39 AM

Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
I've been nursing almost 6 years straight, longer if you count the go/stop before that time. I've nursed tandem twice during that time. I am an "extended" breastfeeder. These are the things that have proven over that time to work very well for me consistently or that I really like.

-Palmer's Nursing Cream
-I don't really like Lansinoh Lanolin, it's too goopy and sticky for me. I prefer Medela's Tender Care Lanolin if you're set on using a lanolin based cream.
-The First Years Lanolin Free Nipple Butter is another good cream (Palmer's is my top fave though)
-Willow Sprouts Hemp Nursing Pads are my FAVORITE nursing pads, ever! They worked really well even though I had over supply and over active letdown. They also hold up very well, even with constant washing.
-If disposables are more your thing the Lansinoh disposable pads have worked the best out of all other disposables.
-I had really bad luck with nursing bras, I actually just wore bigger regular bras and popped my boob out. I really like the nursing cams from Glamourmom.
-The Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk was(is) my favorite lactation tea.
-I used a Boppy early on with all my nursers but not for long.
-For breast milk storage I really like the Lansinoh brand storage bags

ETA: If you're going to use a cover, splurge (or watch the Baby Steal sites) and get a Bebe au Lait, not a cheapo. You won't regret!

Oh also, Mommy Necklaces "Nourish Necklace" has been a sanity saver for busy little hands that like to pinch, smack, etc. I have the rainbow necklace and paid the extra money for the rings.

Spunkify 01-17-2013 09:48 AM

Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
Oh, these pages were invaluable resources to me, as was a really good LC!

Learn about growth spurts-if I had not been told what to expect and when, when I started my BFing journey again in 2007, I wouldn't have had any idea what was going on.

And, find a nice easy to carry basket with a handle. Put a bottle of water in there, the remote, a magazine, snack, the phone, etc....whatever you may need when you sit down to nurse. Grab it before you sit down and you won't have to get up for anything. :)

Gianash 01-17-2013 11:20 AM

Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
I would recommend a good nursing sleep bra, its similar to sports bra but more accessible. Not sure why they are called sleep bras I wear them through out the day. They are the only thing that feels comfortable while engorged. Target has a few good ones, I used a coupon that was in my baby registry packet. If your going to pump I would also get a hands free pumping bra. I was able to pump and blow dry my hair @ the same I found a good price @, it was the medela brand.

Melinda29 01-17-2013 11:40 AM

Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
Bravado Body Silk nursing bras--nursing bras are not truly necessary, but make it more convenient. Everyone I know who has one of these says it is by far the best they ever tried.

Nursing pads--cloth are more convenient and economical in most cases. I love Motherease because they are both contoured (comfortable) and waterproof (necessary for heavy leaking). I've not found another brand that has both. They come in bamboo, organic cotton, and staydry. I use one pair for every 24 hours.

Nursing cover is not necessary, but very convenient. Don't get cheapy brand.

Nursing pillow was absolutley essential for me. Some mamas don't agree, but it saved me with every single baby.

Breast shells (not shields, which is confusing). These slip into your bra between nursing sessions and have a silicone ring that goes around your areola, with a hard shell that holds everything away from your nipples. So so so wonderful in the early weeks when nipples feel like they are sunburned. It basically allows you to let them "breathe" and heal without running around topless. Also wonderful for the end of pregnancy when they get very sore.

l_Kimmie_l 01-17-2013 11:46 AM

Re: Breastfeeding Supplies ~ Recommendations Please!!!
I also found that nursing tanks and tops were my best friends. THey made nursing in public so much easier for me and around others. I also sleep in my nursing tanks and can night feed so easily.

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