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babydogs3 01-19-2013 07:28 PM

hands on curriculum for K/1st
My dd is very active and has lots of trouble paying attention and focusing. She turned 5 in Nov. so if she was in ps she wouldn't be starting K until next school year but I've been doing mostly K w/her this year. So I'm looking for 1st grade or I might do K again next year. She will not sit still long enough to do worksheets and getting her to practice writing is extremely hard and we both end up very frustrated. Can anyone recommend a good hands on curriculum that might work for her? Also a fun way to teach reading and writing? She likes the computer so a computer based program would be ok too. Secular please and not too expensive. And I put together my own curriculum this year so I can do it again too, it doesn't have to all be from the same company.


TypeAMom 01-20-2013 04:48 PM

Re: hands on curriculum for K/1st
I don't know about curriculum, but I was in a montessori preschool/kindergarten when I was young and used to love writing in sand trays. My school had dark purple plastic plates with sides and the 'sand' was salt. It was great for practicing letters. Maybe your daughter might like that more than writing with a pencil or crayon for now. Or could she trace her finger(s) on sandpaper letters for practice?

3rugrats 01-20-2013 06:18 PM

Re: hands on curriculum for K/1st
My dd is the same age. She is not a big worksheet kind of gal, and b/c I've got two younger ones, by default we have kinda been more on the unschooling road so far, but it's worked well. But, I have provided her with lots of options and let her run w/ what she is mostly interested in.

for handwriting, Handwriting w/o tears is great. The pre-K has a workbook, but also lot of manipulatives like a magnetic writing board w/shapes to form the letters, cards they can make play-doh shapes on the letters, other hands on things. DD loved it, and we're going to start K soon.

phonics: and and Bob books readers
she basically taught herself to read using starfall.
also, Happy Phonics is a ton of phonics games.

math-family math or Games for math (I think) these are math games you play to teach basic concepts
board games

reading-I check out books from the library from various children's book lists like before five in a row, five in a row and ones our county recommends for PSers.

craft supplies, pattern blocks w/cards, finger paints, coloring books


rverrone11 01-20-2013 11:49 PM

Re: hands on curriculum for K/1st
Delia is 3 days younger than Emma. :) Delia doesn't like writing much but she will write on a white board. Practicing letters in sand trays, shaving cream, finger paints, etc. are fun ways to practice writing. I'm not too worried about her writing right now since she's not even in kindergarten yet. She does A LOT of drawing, so that will help her with being able to write her letters and holding her pencil correctly.

For reading, we use The Reading Lesson, and we do a page or two a day. Delia thinks it's more fun when she does her lessons on a dry erase board, so sometimes I copy the stuff from the book onto the board. It's not hands-on, but it is a really quick lesson. I take words from the lesson and write them on little cards to play "memory", and she thinks that is a lot of fun. I agree with and Bob books.

7mom7 01-21-2013 08:30 AM

Re: hands on curriculum for K/1st
I really love Hooked on Phonics. We have online access to games and the kids love the DVD's. They'll ask to watch them even when we aren't "doing school." We keep the lessons super short, 10-15 min. I have an active kid too and I think they key to teaching them is keeping everything short and sweet. I never spend more than 10 min on any subject other than reading. We maybe spend an hour tops on all of our school work. I'm pretty cautious with screen time because I notice a huge difference in him based on how much screen time he gets. We also do HWT and lots, and lots, and lots of reading aloud. Usually educational books from the library during the day and fun books at bedtime.

3rugrats 01-21-2013 09:56 AM

Re: hands on curriculum for K/1st

SDJeannieZ3 01-21-2013 12:14 PM

Re: hands on curriculum for K/1st
Finding a secular, boxed, hands-on curriculum has been very difficult, if not impossible. I really liked what I saw on Timberdoodle, but it was too much money and it seemed like they had too much unnecessary stuff thrown in. So using them as my starting point, I've pieced together my own curriculum and I'm quite happy with it!

Look at Progressive Phonics as well- it's online & free. We have Happy Phonics, HWT and The Reading Lesson which has been going well. I agree with practicing letters in sand, shaving cream, with play-doh or pudding. Try squeezing some hair gel into a sealed plastic bag- then you can take it with you for when you're waiting somewhere and have a few minutes to practice.

We have Right Start math- very hands on with lots of manipulative and fun learning. MEP Math is a free online program that looks quite good, but might require a little bit of work- I wanted something more open-and-go.

We'll be doing Galloping the Globe and The Magic School Bus science club. I'm looking at Simply Charlottle Mason & Sonlight to find books off their reading list to read each week. Then I get them from my library.

I've been surprised at what my son can hear/understand/learn when it appears that he is not paying attention. We stay away from workbooks, keep things brief and fun and as hands-on as possible. Sometimes I'll let him play with moon-foam or putty when I need him to listen to something that doesn't fit his learning style (because sometimes there is no way around it!)

As far as saving more money, I looked on Homeschool Classifieds, Amazon used and Rainbow Resources.

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