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M&Lsmomma 01-21-2013 11:25 PM

Why isn't she eating?
Can anyone here help me figure it out? I probably shouldn't be as stressed about it as I am, but...well, I am.

DD hasn't ever been a good eater. Finally once we got her on zantac she went up to 18-20oz a day @ 2mo old. She never increased that amount at all. A lot of backstory but she was switched to elecare and her zantac upped to 1ml 3x/day. She happily ate four 5oz bottles a day, and never more. I *finally* snuck in an extra ounce in the morning and one before bed and was happy she was up to 22oz. Then she started refusing to eat again. She'd drink and it would sound like she was gulping, she'd stop and refuse, screaming if I tried. I called the peds clinic and they wanted me to keep a log of all the times she ate, what she did, how much, etc. and call back in a few days if nothing changed. I was sure it was her reflux and her meds needed upped. Well I called and they wouldn't do anything - said I had to wait til her GI appt. the following week. A few days before her GI appt. she got a cold so the GI was convinced that the congestion was the reason she wasn't feeding well. Sure, makes sense, but it started before she got congested. He switched her from zantac to prilosec - 2.5ml in the morning and I can give her a small dose before bed if needed (I have been giving 1ml before bed).

I finally took her into peds because she sounded so horrible and her cough was bad and I wanted to be safe - all was fine. Lungs clear, ears fine. Still not eating well and lost a few ounces. I emailed her GI doctor and he said I could either start some foods or mix her formula differently for a short while in order to get more calories in her for a short while. Well, then she ate fine for 2 days - I was thrilled so didn't do either. And now.... she's back to not good again! She only took 15oz today. That's less than what she'd take as a newborn and she's 5.5mo old now! She only weighs 13lbs (if she gained those few oz back and didn't lose more) so she doesn't have anything to spare!

Does anyone have ANY ideas on what the deal could be? I hate to be the annoying parents and emailing/calling her GI doctor if it's really nothing, and it will pass. But she's no longer sick - no stuffy nose, only coughing every once in a while. She's back to sleeping in her crib, so that's how I KNOW she's feeling better.

I'm just really worried and no one else seems to feel the same way! But feel free to tell me to just stop worrying, because then maybe I will. But this has been going on since the last weekend in December. :headscratch:

mibarra 01-22-2013 12:35 PM

Re: Why isn't she eating?
All babies kind of go through peaks and valleys in how much they eat. There were weeks where I wanted to tear my hair out at how little my baby was eating. But that seems like a long time... especially if it's causing weight loss. There are so many things it could be in addition to reflux. Some babies don't absorb nutrients properly. My friends baby had allergies that only showed up on a sigmoidoscopy because the irritation was confined to his bowels, and did not show up in any blood work or skin tests, and were unusual enough allergens that an elimination diet didn't do anything.

If I were you I would personally start tracking everything (time/amount of feedings, wet/poopy diapers, maybe weight if you have a reliable baby scale), and do that for maybe a week or two before calling back, so you have evidence, so to speak. But if it's really setting off your mom radar I would keep pursuing it.

mmeneely 01-22-2013 05:34 PM

Re: Why isn't she eating?
She is really young to be taking Zantac. I am mentioning this because I care.
I won't even take it - instead, I adjusted what I was eating a drinking.
It could be the proteins in the formula that are causing so much pain. My oldest pukey up everything she took - found out she is allergic to the casein...

M&Lsmomma 01-22-2013 08:09 PM

Re: Why isn't she eating?
You really think? I thought zantac was the 'safest' and the most widely prescribed? I know of LOTS of babies who have been on it. She's on prilosec now.

She's on elecare now - no milk protiens. It's amino acid based. I guess there's always still soy.

mibarra 01-22-2013 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by M&Lsmomma (Post 16192844)

She's on elecare now - no milk protiens. It's amino acid based. I guess there's always still soy.

Many babies with true milk protein sensitivities/allergies are also sensitive/allergic to soy. Hope you get it all figured out!!

M&Lsmomma 01-23-2013 10:37 AM

Re: Why isn't she eating?
But theres nothing that can be done for that other than wait til you can go off formula, right? Don't all formulas have soy? Elecare has 7% soy oil, a bit less than the alimentum she was previously on. Her former GI told me to make sure her cereal was dairy and soy free, so we're doing happy bellies. I have to put it in her bottles. Her current gi thinks its just an intolerance she'll outgrow. She's had alllll the tests done and everything is fine, but no allergy testing. Is she too young for that?

SPJ&E 01-23-2013 01:05 PM

Re: Why isn't she eating?
Soy oil is "supposed" to be safe. Most babies can handle it. Most, not all. As you already know, some can handle hypo-allergenic formulas just fine (they are milk-based but very broken down) and others need something completely dairy free (like Neocate or Elecare). A lot of dairy allergic kids also have problems with soy but some don't. If an amino acid based formula doesn't work, it could be worth a try. Most doctors won't do allergy testing until later on. Our doctor won't put them through that because most allergies are outgrown by age 3.

All of your little one's symptoms scream silent reflux to me. My son's answer was Neocate and Prevacid.

M&Lsmomma 01-23-2013 01:15 PM

Re: Why isn't she eating?
Yeah her silent reflux has been the biggest issue.... how long on the prilosec before it should work well? The zantac was like instant. I thought he'd switch her to prevacid but didn't think to ask why not when he suggested prilosec. I was just happy for the switch. He said babies 'outgrow' the dose and the meds don't work anymore and she was already on a 'heafty' (his words) dose of zantac so he wanted to switch.

Katledoodle 01-23-2013 07:46 PM

Re: Why isn't she eating?
This might seem like a silly question, but are you feeding her with a bottle or a sippy cup? I'd try the sippy cup. Or a regular cup and see how she drinks.

My daughter barely drank anything when she was an infant. Like you, she was topping out at around 15oz when she was 5mo, and drank wayyyy more when she was a newborn. By the time she hit 7mo, I gave up the bottle altogether during the day. It just wasn't happening.

Also, are you feeding her solids? She might just be ready for them. If you are feeding her solids, I'd give her as much avocado as she'll let you. It's packed with fat & calories.

If she keeps it up like this, then you'll be in the same boat that I am. My daughter is 14mo now, lost a couple oz at her last check-up, and won't drink milk period. So, instead of sleeping like a normal person, I wait till the middle of the night to dream feed her. (It's the only time she lets me dream feed!) And to keep her calories up- the bottle I give her is 1/2 heavy cream & 1/2 whole milk.

Good luck. I really hope her appetite picks up.

Aussiemummy 01-25-2013 09:48 PM

Re: Why isn't she eating?
My 13w old also has silent relux and is MSPI. He recently switched from Zantac (did nothing) and is now on Prevacid. I track everything on the Baby Connect App and we really have to push him to get to 20oz. I just dream fed him and he is only drank 19oz today. He's on Similac Alimentum. Have you tried dream feeding?

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