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luvsviola 01-22-2013 10:29 PM

Cruise Excursions
Anyone have a carseat bag you like with backpack straps? We are going on a cruise for spring break 2014. We will need to take a carseat for DD2 (will be 3 at the time). Our excursions are to the beach, but we will be taking taxis.

I'm thinking bubble bums for the older two (will be 5 and 7) but am lost for DD2. Part of me wants a Rider Safe vest for the 3 year old, but hate to spend $100 for something that literally will be used for 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back, and never again, and probably get sandy so no one would want to buy it later. We have a Maestro that is super light that I was planning to take instead.

We're driving to the port ourselves, so they will all be in their regular seats all except during the excursions.

Any ideas? Anyone want to sell me a Rider Safe vest? What have you done? A carseat plus all our beach junk just doesn't sound fun, but I don't like any of the alternatives either.

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