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galesville1980 01-23-2013 08:27 AM

Need Ideas for going poop on potty!
I had a parent of a 4K kid come in and ask for help on something. Her son refuses to go poop on the toilet. She says it's all about control and she really doesn't think it's anything physical. She said they have tried nearly everything. They have rewarded him for going. They even went to Toys R' Us and said you can buy any toy in the entire store and take it home but you can't open it until you go on the toilet. He picked out a toy and it is still sitting in the box 2 weeks later! I suggested to her that maybe there's a way to replace his control of going to the toilet with him having control of something else, but I need some more ideas. She says that he always has some excuse like "the toilet's old" or whatever. They tried giving him a laxative of some kind and he even last like 7 days on that before he went. He doesn't go at school either (he does go pee on the toilet at school and at home though).

marenmccoy 01-23-2013 01:47 PM

Re: Need Ideas for going poop on potty!
What's 4k? Do you mean he is 4 years old or in 4th grade...? That said, there is a lot of helpful information in this book called "It's No Accident" by Dr. Steve Hodges. The book is about kids who have pee accidents, but it talks a lot about bowel holding (apparently a lot of pee accidents are actually the result of complications from bowel holding).

While control is certainly a big issue with young kids, I'm thinking he may also be afraid. As a former holder myself (and the mother of a young holder), all you need is one bad experience with constipation...

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