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huntmommy 01-24-2013 08:26 AM

delete please
Land's End, Stride Rite, Capezio, Fisher Price, Circo - All of these shoes have a lot of life left in them and look play to church worthy. I would keep except our latest and probably last arrival is a son. Most are VGUC. To help you, I think EUC is like new and many of these are close. Prices do not include shipping. Let me know what you might like and I will box and weigh them. Will also bubble wrap and ship in bag which is likely cheaper. Your call:thumbsup:.

The main "dirt" is where the soles of the feet go and all the play sandals have that.
I do not know why this pic cropped. There is nothing wrong with the shoes that fell off the sides:thumbsup:.
From left to right and top to bottom...

- 6M Stride Rite velcro close sandals. The uppers are GUC and work perfectly. The inner soles are "dirty" as happens with sandals. I have washed them and it is a stain:goodvibes:. The outer soles are not worn down. $7
- 7 Swim shoes by unknown in VGUC. $5
- 7M Stride Rite Rachel sandals in VGUC. Some minor wear on front ends and a few marks here and there not noticeable by an adult standing over your kiddo. I would say these are still very much church worthy. $12
- 7 Land's End pink velcro close sandals in VGUC. Minor marks on upper here and there. $15
- 7M C7 Tan Capezio tap shoes are VGUC. I do not have any laces for them. They have the elastic close on them. $10
- 7M Stride Rite (now off white) sandals are the most worn. I would still wear them to play but not church. Still very useable and super cute but definite marks on uppers and wear. $5

Sorry for sideways pic
The top are 8M Circo sandals GUC for $4.
Below are Fisher Price sandals in GUC for $5

Rain boots are a pic to come hopefully today. They are Splashers 7 with steel shanks. I need to wipe them down but in the interest of being quick and fair, they may be quite marked up. In GUC shape for use with a multi colored bubble like print on white with pink trim. They look like these ones only well used. $5

My pricing is based on brand and wear but I personally dont think it matters what brand it is if the shoes are worn:thumbsup:. I have to tag these for consignment by Friday so please PM or message soon to get them. I do have a 13 week old baby and a lovely 3 year old helper so I will get back to you ASAP! Thanks for looking!

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