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missydawn 01-27-2013 07:13 PM

Hospital or Home Birth????
I am trying to decide to do a hospital birth or home birth. I found a midwife two hours from my town that does them here. My hubby says home birth but I am still worried about what if something goes wrong. I am also worried about after and being home. I know at the hospital a nurse is at the push of a button to help with anything. I also think of how nice it would be to sleep in my own bed and having a water birth. Any personal experiences or advice????

Tris 01-27-2013 07:44 PM

Re: Hospital or Home Birth????
As much as I hate hospitals, I will never opt to have a home birth. I personally would want to die if complications occurred that could have been avoided, and living in the space that that bad energy occurred in would also eat at me. I'm also 30 minutes (35miles) from the nearest hospital, so if there was one say, within 5 minutes I may feel differently.
I'll probably opt to leave AMA after the labor if it goes as well as my last one so I can actually sleep in my bed. And I'm more than a little concerned because the hospital I have to use is far away and doesn't have a laboring tub, so that sucks.

How did you have your last 3?

missydawn 01-27-2013 07:47 PM

Re: Hospital or Home Birth????
I did the last three in the same hospital I will deliever this one in. Of the three, two of them were delievered by nurses because the doctor did not make it.

Andbabymakes2 01-27-2013 08:14 PM

Re: Hospital or Home Birth????
My second pg was a hb with mw and it was awesome. My mw was about an hr from our house. We already had the pool blown up and our bdrm moved to accommodate it. We had everything we needed (towels, etc) ready to go as well. After she was born I nursed her while I waited to deliver the placenta. Afterwards, I took a shower while everyone cleaned things up. My mom made some food, and we all sat in the livingroom eating and enjoying baby. I got to snuggle my baby in my bed that night.

My ds was supposed to be a hb but after 12 hrs my labor stalled, I was tired and in pain, decided to go to the hosp. It took another 12 hrs and he came out with the cord wrapped around his neck. (Not something we couldn't have handled at home, but still) I made the choice to go. Imho if you choose a hb, have a back up plan and a bag packed jic.

ETA- The hosp is only 5 min for me. That def makes a difference. But with my first we were 40 min from the hosp we were planning to deliver at. I am planning on laboring at home with this one and heading out shortly before baby comes. We'll see though.

bulkybummom 01-27-2013 08:27 PM

Re: Hospital or Home Birth????
As an NICU nurse I have to say hospital... I'm all for midwives and doing everything as naturally as possible... but you need the specialists a moment away in case something happens to you or baby... in my opinion it's just not worth the risk... as beautiful and natural a thing childbirth is... complications do arise, potentially deadly, scary and very quickly!!!

cathplyr 01-27-2013 08:32 PM

Re: Hospital or Home Birth????
I had a HB. mw was 90 minutes away and everything went really great. had our bags packed and a full tank of gas just in case. wouldnt have it any other way. cant relate to you about wanting the convenience of a nurse. she is my one and only. but if I did have 3 otther kids I would make arrangements for a sleepover babysitter or friend. part of the reason everything went so well is because I kept family out of the situation. They were notified the day after. last thing I was going to deal with would be my high strung, uptight, stressed and worried mother and MIL. only my fiance was present. It was a very relaxed and calm situation with just ourselves.

cathplyr 01-27-2013 08:38 PM

Re: Hospital or Home Birth????
I will add I had a very close family member die giving birth in the hospital. She was surrounded by geat doctors and nurses and all the medical equipment. but ironically God called her home.

lynn97 01-27-2013 09:34 PM

I will have a hospital birth. Honestly, I never considered a hb with DS nor would I ever. Like a PP said, it is natural but there are so many things that can go wrong, there is just no way I would risk it. I also live 35-40 minutes away from the hospital so that is another factor. This time around, I'm not even allowed to labor at home since I had uterine surgery a little over a year ago. I will definitely haul booty to the hospital so that I'm with professionals in the event of something going wrong.

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lalakiwi7 01-27-2013 10:06 PM

Re: Hospital or Home Birth????
as much I personally would love a HB- I have worked in healthcare for almost 10 years and while 95% of it goes amazing and perfect there is that 5% that doesn't and after you have helped people walk through that 5% of awful it's hard to ever consider a HB. My rule is you deliver where ever you feel the most comfortable. If that is in your home then do it there! My husband has had to deal with my nightmares related to infant loss that I have dealt with at work as well as a personal friend who didn't have an a very informed situation and lost their baby in a hb done poorly. Hubby has just flat out said he is totally uncomfortable with a HB. HOWEVER regardless of our reasons for not feeling like a HB is our choice I think everyone should make their own informed decisions on what is best for them.
I think HB gives you the best options to do what you want vs a hospital birth where you really are at the mercy of the staff. Yes you can refuse thing and say no and lay down boundary lines but it still isn't as "easy" to make sure things go the way you want or more importantly don't want.

I wish more hospitals had birthing centers in the hospitals so that you can do it your way but still in the safety of a hospital.

lynn97 01-27-2013 10:13 PM

Yes I agree. I also know some of the hb gone wrong from my area from an OB friend of mine. She had 2 deaths last year alone from patients who opted for hb. One was an infant and one was a mother (separate deliveries). To be fair, there were known health problems with the mother and she was told that it was extremely risky to have another baby period, let alone at home. The baby that was lost appeared to be a normal situation, though. Hearing these things and knowing of things that went wrong with friends' deliveries (in the hospital, and everything was fine) scares me too much. But, you definitely are much more at the mercy of the hospital. I, personally, am fine with that but I know that many people don't trust their hospitals or OBs. It is a very personal decision that, I feel, you should make, OP (not your DH).

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