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kelpie169 01-28-2013 02:12 PM

What would you do?
Okay we have a Toyota Yaris and 3 kids. It was a struggle trying to figure out how to fit our three seats in the backseat but we did it. Now...the littlest one is not having her carseat anymore.

S my dilemma is this, she has the travel system type car seat. It's a baby trend (can't remember model at the moment). So everything I've read has said that for most kids who scream in the car, getting a convertible car seat will solve the problem. Our oldest 2 are in RAdians...again forget the model but their skinny.

The options I need opinions on are these.
1. Keep the boys in their radians and get another convertible for the girl.
2. Get the oldest a high back booster and use one of the radians for the girl.
3. Just leave it as is and deal with the screaming.

For the record, the oldest is 4 and around 36 pounds, he's short though. The middle is 2 and about 24 pounds and almost as tall as his brother. The girl is 4 months and about 16 pounds.

The girl is also very tall and is almost too tall for the travel system anyways.

I'm not comfortable with the middle boy being forward facing (even though he is at the moment) and I'd like to turn him back around. If I could I'd turn my 4 year old around as well, but there's no going back for him. S any help? Suggestions? Recommendations??? Anything!!!!

jess71903 01-28-2013 04:43 PM

Re: What would you do?
In a small car like that, I'd probably go for a 3rd Radian.

mrosehughes 01-28-2013 10:33 PM

Since your youngest is tall, I'd probably opt for one of the higher shell height seats, and a radian would fit the bill. Radians puzzle well facing opposite directions, I believe, so RFing, FFing (4yo), RFing should work. Do you have an angle adjuster for the 2yo? My concern would be that getting an infant angle with the radian might make your passenger seat unusable for awhile, since Toyota does not allow carseats to touch the seatbacks.

Eta: if you can get to a babiesrus or buy buy baby, you could try a narrow combination seat for the 4yo in between the two RFing radians. I wouldn't get a booster for a 4yo.

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