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mrspopo 01-28-2013 06:22 PM

Toddler curious about BF after being weaned?
DD was weaned right around the 13-14 month mark after being EBF with a little bit of formula supplemented those last few months. She really lost all interest in nursing and bottles, and by the time we stopped she was only nursing once a day. She didn't even notice or care when I stopped.

So fast forward to 21 months old and she is very very curious about nursing again. She stares at anyone else nursing and leans in as close as she can just fascinated. If she sees me without clothes she points and leans in as close as she can. She has a lot to say about it, but I really don't understand most of those words besides nipple. She almost looks like she wants to try to nurse but doesn't really remember how??

I'm assuming this is just a normal curiosity and not much to it. But I'm wondering how she'll handle it when baby #2 comes along in a few months and will be EBF. And I'm also wondering just how much I should let her lean in and get intimate. I think if I let her she would try to suckle, but it just creeps me out as being more sexual (on my end, not hers). Any advice?

daphnes_mom 01-28-2013 09:01 PM

Re: Toddler curious about BF after being weaned?
Totally normal I think. My daughter was 27 mo when our twins were born and stopped nursing around 23 mo. She wold stare and did ask to nurse a handful of times but had forgotten how and mostly just wanted to cuddle then to really nurse. If she did ask I let her try, she never did. I never made her feel strange about it at all or anything. She is now a happy 4yo that nurses her baby dolls daily and still looks at babies if they are nursing.

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