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megs715 01-29-2013 03:26 PM

Has anyone done a birthfamily search for international adoptions?
I adopted my oldest son (A) from Russia in '03 and we have had contact with his birth family since day one. They came to court with me, and consented to the adoption right in court (honestly this is unheard of in Russian adoptions). We've kept in contact through the years, and have visited twice. My younger son (B) I adopted from Russia in '08 and there has been no birth family contact. I have hired an investigator to travel to his town and search for his birth family, and he'll be going in February :nervous:. All of my friends that have adopted from overseas have never done a birth family search. Doe anyone have any experience? I'm so hopeful that we'll have a decent relationship with them, and be able to be in contact with them for the future. B knows that he was born in Russia and knows he didn't come from my belly, but that's about all he is interested in at this point. However, I worry that if I don't find out information now, I won't be able to.

abunchoflemons 01-29-2013 03:48 PM

Re: Has anyone done a birthfamily search for international adoptions?
There's a show or something that pays for investigation. Gal we know told uw. I'm adopted & was thinking on finding out more on this.good luck. You don't have papers with information. I had some information but my mom passed away so maybe only father or other relatives. What agency did you go through?

jes750 01-29-2013 04:01 PM

I'm adopted. Found my birth family a few years ago (although mine was not an overseas adoption). Mine was a very closed adoption so it took me a lot of work and research to find them! End up finding them due to one small error the adoption company (Highlands) made. Personally, I really wish I would not have found them.
I have heard of some group that helps locate birth families. Search Angels something? I can't remember details but google might help!
Best of luck!

megs715 01-30-2013 09:15 AM

Re: Has anyone done a birthfamily search for international adoptions?
Thank you both!

I have paperwork with all of the information (name, DOB, passport numbers, address, etc), and when we first came home I tried to send them a letter and it came back with the Russian version of "wrong address" on it, and I haven't done anything since. The investigator will go meet with them in the home, and interview them for me. After he has spoken to them, he'll tell me if he thinks it is safe for me to be in direct contact with them (ie, he doesn't think they'll try to get money out of me, etc). I'm just hopeful they'll actually want to have any contact at all. There was some stories of baby buying right after I got home with him and I'm just praying he wasn't one of them.

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