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dancermommy1 01-30-2013 12:51 PM

Christian homeschooling lessons
I have links to some free homeschooling resources on my blog, which is

I tried to post it in off topic but it got moved to "check out my blog". what I really want is for those who homeschool to be able to find the lessons, which I did not make, so I am trying again, here. Maybe it will stay put this time!

Anyway, follow the links to the lesson plans, which are Biblically based lessons that each feature a country, e.g. brazil, peru, burkina faso... the lesson plans are pdfs that are downloadable and include crafts, around-the-house hands-on activities, geography, science, and community service

Age appropriateness is not listed, but my first inclination is to say ages 6-10, though adaptable for both older and younger age groups.

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