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kkleinman 01-30-2013 09:01 PM

How many AIOs for the newborn phase?
Hey mommas, we used prefolds and covers for our first and are using aios this time around. If you used just aios during the newborn phase, how many did you have? I will be washing every 2-3 days because I also have a 15 mo. Can I get away with 24-30 diapers or is that crazy?


TobinsTreasures 01-30-2013 09:14 PM

Re: How many AIOs for the newborn phase?
I didn't know what we would prefer so I started with 6 BG AIO's, 6 Kissaluvs AIO, 6 Kissaluvs fitted, 8 prefold. I only used a prefold once and didn't care for it. After a week the fitted starting leaking on us, so for the next two weeks I survived on 12 NB AIO's and a few OS AIO's, washing every day. After three weeks I preferred the OS AIO's because my boy was leaking through the NB size, and he was 7 lb 14 oz at birth. So at about 9 pounds I switched over completey. I would start with 24-30 and then be ready to buy more if you find yourself running low and having to wash everyday or your baby is small and you expect to use them longer.

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