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lalakiwi7 01-31-2013 11:57 AM

Craziness....diaper related.
So this has nothing to do with pregnancy rather has to do with diapers but I am still in shock.
Found out today that I own the original Ragababe "old print" tie dye and people are freaking out!!! Apparently they sell for 200-300+ dollars!! Can you imagine!!

I actually won mine off her website in a giveaway right before DD PL so we loved the diaper but didn't use it much because she was out of diapers shortly after. I had women PMing me saying they would give me 300 dollars for it!!!!

This is nuts. So..... I wasn't going to sell it but now I can't justify putting a baby in a diaper that someone would pay 300 for I wouldn't want them to poop in it or get it dirty and that defeats the point.... so i might auction it and buy some newborn diapers... What would you do????

AleahDeann 01-31-2013 12:08 PM

Re: Craziness....diaper related.
I would totally sell it for the $300. I could never imagine selling a diaper for that much. But think of what you could buy!! Unless you are really attached to it, then keep it? Um no, sell it and buy some newbie diapers!!

stevensmom 01-31-2013 12:09 PM

Re: Craziness....diaper related.
dude I'd totally sell it! If someone is willing to spend that much money on a diaper...think of all the other diapers you can get!

and why in the world would someone be willing to spend that much on a diaper? Do they plan on using it or framing it on the wall?

s@hmommy 01-31-2013 12:11 PM

Re: Craziness....diaper related.
That sucker would be up for auction! A free newby stash would be awesome!

lalakiwi7 01-31-2013 12:14 PM

Re: Craziness....diaper related.
ha ya i am selling it I am NOT that sentimental. ha

but do more people do spots or ebay??? I have no idea how to do these things??

Tris 01-31-2013 12:37 PM

Re: Craziness....diaper related.
Team sell! And I want to see a pic!

Monkeymamaof2 01-31-2013 01:31 PM

I was just reading about the top 10 most expensive diapers last night and that is one of them :) I guess the fabric is one of a kind. The #1 was worth $470 and it was auctioned on eBay.
I vote sell the diaper you can start a new stash with the money and if someone really wants to spend that kind of money let them lol Good luck!

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Andbabymakes2 01-31-2013 01:48 PM

Re: Craziness....diaper related.
Idk which site would be better, but which ever one you choose- share that info everywhere you can think of!! lol

momto2princesses 01-31-2013 01:59 PM

Re: Craziness....diaper related.
Sell that baby! You could buy 9 or 10 other really nice (and expensive) diapers with $300! or an entire stash if you want to go the economical route. I'm a total sucker for goodmamas and nb mutts, so I probably don't even save any money by CD. :-) But even I wouldn't dream of spending anywhere near $300 on a diaper!

KatieB621 01-31-2013 02:06 PM

Re: Craziness....diaper related.

If they are crazy enough to spend $300 on a diaper for a baby to poop in, then I'd take their $!

I think I'd try e-bay. More people are more familiar with e-bay.....i think?! :headscratch: Either way, good luck selling that thing and let us know exactly how much you get....

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