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momto2princesses 01-31-2013 01:16 PM

yesterday's appt
I had TWO appointments yesterday.

first with my OB, and got to hear the heartbeat. :-) Everything looks perfect. She told me I could stop my progesterone, and I told her I already did 3 weeks ago. :giggle: At my next appt she will schedule my big U/S. I can't believe its only 5 or 6 weeks away!

I also FINALLY had a chance to meet the homebirth midwife who we will be using. I'm going to have concurrent care with both the OB and midwife. I live in a very hostile state regarding homebirth, but apparently the OB I use has backed up my midwife once before (although reluctantly apparently). I don't plan on telling the OB that I'm having the baby at home. Although she knows I had my 2nd at home, so I'm sure she suspects. I mainly want to have some connection at the hospital in the event that I have to transfer there. Hopefully I'll just end up letting her know after the fact. The midwife is phenomenal and I totally loved her approach. She has over 30 years of experience. The one thing that she said that sealed the deal for me was that even with all the negativity surrounding homebirth midwives, she made a decision for herself that if she ever felt for even a second reluctant to transfer someone out of fear of repercussions, that she would quit being a midwife. It really struck a chord with me because my main fear about being here where the medical system is so negative about homebirth, would be that my midwife would be hesitant to transfer out of fear for herself. I mean, I know that any good midwife wouldn't do that, but you hear stories all the time. For her to come out and say that without me even voicing that concern really made me feel like this was the right choice.

and if you read that novel you're a saint :-)

stevensmom 01-31-2013 01:20 PM

Re: yesterday's appt
sounds like a good day!

as far as your ob knowing...I really wouldn't tell her anyways. Just say that the delivery was so sudden you weren't able to make it to the hospital.

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