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earthmama222 01-31-2013 11:56 PM

What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
I have only used Happy Heinys organic one size, and Fuzzibunz sized and OS pockets, but see people ISO Rumparooz, BG, etc pockets and am wondering if they are better for some reason or why they would be preffered to others? Please share your insight! Thanks!

champatlife 02-01-2013 07:15 AM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
Hmm. If I put them in order.( I have a good chunk of pockets)
Swaddle bees econappi- its just so soft!!! And natural.
Fuzzibunz sized- my first pocket.great fit. Never had a leak
Happy heiney- the daddy diaper. I only have three sometimes wish I had it could be the lazy day mommy diaper.
Rockabum- fleece inside, I can get it to fit like a glove without trying
Awesome blossom- fits how I wish a one size fuzzibunz did.
Charlie banana- I like it a lot I'm just not a fan of how the one sizing works, but both kids fit on the medium currently.
Champ- just too bulky.

I don't have a bg but fairly certain if it fits like other bgs it would not be a favorite.

craigwick 02-01-2013 07:44 AM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
For pockets I've used Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, and Charlie Banana...I have some Rumparooz for the baby, I did try them on DD2 but they were snug, I liked the double gusset though.

I really liked the BG's until the velcro started to go and DD2 outgrew the rise at 2.5 (was not a birth to potty diaper for us!). The fit was excellent (chunker) and they withstood seriously heavy washing (I had 10 and washed every day). I had them snap converted for the next time though. When she outgrew them we switched to FB & CB size large, both of which were great, I like the fit of the CB better.

wifey09 02-01-2013 07:53 AM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
I love the WAHM pockets the best! My fuzzibuns are ok. This is the 3rd kid to use them and some of the elastics are a little stretched. So with that thought those are awesome!
I like my sunbaby pocket too. Pockets overall are not my favorite. I like to match dipes to outfit and with pockets I need several to match one outfit :(

lashon20 02-01-2013 07:59 AM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
Bumgenius, Sunbaby, and Blueberry Deluxe are my favorites.

Lesley@CottonBabies 02-01-2013 08:03 AM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
I prefer bumGenius pockets over Fuzzibunz and Happy Heinys. These are the only 3 brands of pockets I've tried so far. The Happy Heinys always leaked for us. I don't think my daughter ever wore it without a leak. The Fuzzibunz fit okay, and we only had a few leaks, but I prefer a snap down rise instead of having to mess with the leg elastic. It's just a hassle for me. I also like how the bumGenius have the flap of material over the pocket opening, instead of just being open. When putting on the other two brands I always had problems with the insert peeking out, and I would have to readjust the diaper. We also never have leaking problems with our bumGenius! I have a whole stash of them, and they are by far my favorite diaper out of everything I have tried.

mothergooseofthree 02-01-2013 08:09 AM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
Green Acre Designs. I prefer sized diapers and I think baby looks so much more comfortable with elastic across their waist instead of some closure system. Mine tend to have a low rise, and my ds couldn't sit up with a front closure diaper on.

hilaryisinked 02-01-2013 08:13 AM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
BG are by far our favorites and we've tried a bunch. BG quality is just great, they've got great colors (I don't care for prints really), I like the stretchy tabs and double row snaps (their velcro isn't that great), wide pocket for stuffing. They are just great diapers. We use them at night.

earthmama222 02-02-2013 11:27 PM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
Thanks everyone! I really want to find a cheap Swaddlebees econappi to try :D Also thinking about the Blueberry bamboo pocket, anyone tried that? I've only tried the happy heinys organic, which is the hemp/cotton inner and I've NEVER had a leak, those things are amazing :) But IDK anything about their fleece inners. I've found that with fleece inner diapers that i've tried I do sometimes have leaks, I'm guessing bc the absorbant material is not right against the skin. Forgot to mention I also tried Kawaii and Babyland pockets which I hated :)

TobinsTreasures 02-02-2013 11:39 PM

Re: What is your favorite pocket diaper and why?
Love Rumparooz- the double gusset catches everything! Technically swaddlebees simplex is considered an AIO, but the insert in attached on one end and agitates out in the wash and you can add extra inserts in the pocket- so easy to stuff because its a sleeve pocket and no pulling out inserts before the wash. I think its similar to the blueberry pocket and hands down my favorite!

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