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penguinande 01-31-2013 11:34 PM

Switch to Ergo or ? Beco Gemini?
I have a sleepy wrap (now boba) and I like it. It's comfortable and I find it easy to put on. However, lately my 4 month old has been getting wiggly and fussy when in it. I either carry him facing in or in the kangaroo carry position, but he just doesn't seem to like either. I was wondering if he might be more comfortable in an Ergo. Funds are limited, and i wouldn't want to drop $100+ on a carrier unless i were pretty sure it was going to suit my needs. If I do decide to go for it, I'll probably try to do a partial trade of my wrap for it the Ergo. Any thoughts? Or is there another carrier you prefer? Thanks.

Sarah-B 02-01-2013 12:06 AM

We have the moby which is similar to the sleepy bobs wrap. Then we got an ergo and my 7 month old loves both but me and dh love the ergo more. 1st we purchased the ergo performance which we love!! Then we loved it so much we purchased the ergo sport.
The performance we got on baby steals (but their deals change everyday) for $85 & this included the front purse carrying pouch thing which I think in total retails for $145-$160- we keep this one in the car for on the go
Then we purchased the ergo sport for around the house. got it off eBay (but be careful there are fakes out there which are cheaper and dangerous to put your baby in) paid about $45 to $50 gently used

Love them both so much!!

starbeam 02-01-2013 01:25 AM

Re: Switch to Ergo or ?
i loved my ergo, but wraps are much more versatile. for instance, ergos usually don't work with a baby as young as 4 months, most babies are comfortable in them around 6-7months, although lots of people do use them earlier with infant inserts, but i have never seen a baby that young who really liked the ergo. i would consider a woven wrap (there are brands that are wonderful, but much cheaper than the expensive brands like didymos, ellaroo is a great, less-expensive brand), and i would also consider a Ring Sling. If you don't use your carrier a ton, a Ring Sling is an excellent option. After an hour or two, they don't feel as supportive as an ergo or a wrap, but they are very easy to use, babies of all ages usually love them, and they are very comfortable and supportive for quite a while. I would also consider a Mei Tai, they are usually more comfortable for a wider range of babies than ergos and other similar soft-structured carriers. Ergos especially have a pretty small age-range that they're really ideal for - teeny babies don't usually like them because they're not snuggly enough/you can't get them tight enough, and they're too narrow for babies over about 18 months (sometimes less) to be really comfortable. On the other hand, many people really love their ergos and use them from birth to about 3 years old. I just think there are better options.

LOL, i DO have an ergo for sale if you're interested. it's in Excellent condition, mystic purple color - $100ppd.

i would also look on Facebook and ask other moms to see if you have a local babywearer's group near you. They should have meetings where they will let you try on different types of carriers and possibly even borrow a carrier for a week or two so you can find out what you like best before you spend the money. Carriers are expensive!

penguinande 02-01-2013 02:04 AM

Re: Switch to Ergo or ?
Thanks for the input ladies! Anyone had a baby who seemed to dislike being in a wrap style carrier? If so, did you find something else that worked for you? With the Ergo you do have the option of wearing the baby on your back, correct?

Mellymel 02-01-2013 07:49 PM

My now 5 month old started hating the ergo around 3 month. She likes to wiggle around and it was to constricting. Also she is in this in-between stage where she does not fit in it well. The base is very wide for a small baby. She is only 13lbs to give you an idea of her size. But other than that it is very comfortable and I hope she starts liking it when she is a little bigger. And yes you can wear it on your back, hip or front.

penguinande 02-01-2013 08:15 PM

Re: Switch to Ergo or ?
What about the Beco Gemini? It looks possibly less restrictive, and I think ds might like to be carried facing out.

capizzi0 02-01-2013 09:20 PM

Re: Switch to Ergo or ?

Originally Posted by penguinande (Post 16236898)
What about the Beco Gemini? It looks possibly less restrictive, and I think ds might like to be carried facing out.

My very alert and wiggly 3 month old did not care for any of my carriers facing in. Got a Gemini for Xmas and he LOVES facing out! I really love the Gemini too. Super comfy and simple. :)

Mellymel 02-02-2013 05:53 AM

I did just get a Gemini a few days ago and she likes it much more. But I haven't got the chance to wear it out yet, only around the house. I plan on trying it at target today so ill post later and let you know how it goes: )

MomdeIsla 02-02-2013 08:57 AM

Re: Switch to Ergo or ? Beco Gemini?
we got the gemini for my 3 snaps down so their legs aren't so spread even for the forward facing in position....I tried on an ergo at target and it was just too big in the seat for the LO without the insert --I tried the insert....but the insert made it too hot for me (its like a pillow)....figured if we are still using it a lot when she gets to big for the gemini we can get something else then....the main con of the gemini I've heard from others is the seat is a little narrow for a bigger toddler...just something to consider if your current LO is older or if you grow em big ;)

Mellymel 02-02-2013 03:40 PM

We used the gemini for an hour today for my wiggle girl and it was awesome she loved it!

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