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nursemama23 02-01-2013 03:10 PM

Another newborn sleep thread
DS will be 6 weeks on Sunday, he's such a sweet little guy! He's fed on demand now that he's regained his birth weight. The problem ( and its not really a problem but the circumstances surrounding it make it an issue) is he only sleeps when bring held or laying on mine or dh's chest. The last few days he wants held all day. I love all the snuggle time as he's our last and I babywear during the day to get stuff done and care for 19month old DD. the issue is I have to go back to work in 2 weeks. DD was much the same until 8ish weeks but I'll be going back to work that week and really need a little more sleep (I get some sleep since we cosleep but its light sleep and I'm an ER nurse so constant sleep deprivation could be ugly). I am against CIO. Any suggestions? We've tried swaddling but he fights against it. We've tried his bassinet, pnp, bouncy seat and swing but he cries instantly. I'm inclined to think he just needs more time but dh is worried about me going back to work with the way things currently are.

MDever 02-01-2013 03:15 PM

Re: Another newborn sleep thread
What are you using to swaddle? ave you swaddled before with your other children. Our kids needed to be like straight jacket tight for it to work and then it was awesome. DH is a pro swaddler and they actually make a little grunty noise when he is snugging it up:chuckle: If ours was too loose then they would struggle. In the past we used the doubl layer cotton knit blankets from Gymboree(hand-me-downs) but we have since switched to Aden + Anias.

nursemama23 02-01-2013 04:38 PM

Aden and Anais. Last night I pulled out the kidapotamus wrap from my dd. I've tried tight swaddling with arms in, arms out, looser swaddling and nothing seems to make a difference. I keep trying because I'm convinced this is the key!

doodah 02-01-2013 04:47 PM

Re: Another newborn sleep thread
I absolutely think you need to swaddle him. I prefer large knit blankets like the ones from Gymboree or waffle weave blankets (those are harder to find) and I do a super snug swaddle with both arms in. you may also be missing his sleep cues and not putting him down soon enough. at 6 weeks, he probably wont be able to stay awake happily for more than an hour at a time. also try a darkened room with white noise. put it on loud, they dont mind! toys r us sells a cd with washer/dryer sounds and that one works well for my kids and daycare kids

EmilytheStrange 02-02-2013 04:29 PM

Re: Another newborn sleep thread
Happiest baby on the block.. get it on netflix if you can.

We did restart swaddling, but we also did the other things they insisted should help in the video. White noise/shushing, this rocking/jostling thing that sorta jiggles them that it supposed to be similar to 'in utero'......

even when she was much much older, if I needed to rock her, I'd make sure her head was doing the jostling thing and it seemed to help.

sometimes when she was really overtired, she'd really really resist swaddling and we'd swaddle her up, shush and jostle and she'd succumb. and then she slept better and longer than she had before.

we started out saying she hated being swaddled and ended up swaddling to 9 months.. I really do think it helps.

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