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happy2beamom 02-01-2013 04:15 PM

Newborn diaper stash question.
So, we moved 3 years ago and i sold everything and now we are expecting number 3 :goodvibes: Now i'm debating what cloth to use. This is our last so i know the cost ratio isn't as good (like i used the diapers on my 1st 2 kiddos, but this 1 will be the only one using them) so i'm trying to be more cost friendly (is that a legit wording? :banghead:).

I was thinking gmd prefolds and thirsties covers. However, i might need to make/buy some microfleece liners or something as i had to switch to Fuzzi Bunz with the older 2 because they got rashes as soon as the pee hit and didn't 'pull away' from the skin (even if i changed within 5 minutes of noticing they peed). Does anybody sell something like this? Or should i find a fabric store - and is it microfleece i'm looking for?

Anyways, since i'm in canada i can't order gmd new and was wondering if it was a good deal to get 1 dozen orange and 2 dozen yellow (bleached) gmd for $65? Is that enough to last 2 days?

And 5 thirsties duo wraps and 3 snappis for $50? The duo wraps were worn 1-2 times each.

How many more covers would i need?

What else would i need?

Nattyonthehunt4CDs 02-01-2013 05:22 PM

Re: Newborn diaper stash question.
I bought some great diapers from a mom here on DS & she payed shipping on top of giving me 35% off after I bought so many.

Here is her links. I've been there. I had my baby 11months ago & gave all the brand new diapers I bought her away to friends well now I'm pregnant again and have to start a whole new stash. COVERS AIOs

Nattyonthehunt4CDs 02-01-2013 05:24 PM

Re: Newborn diaper stash question.
PS if you're looking for cheap prefolds you might want to look at

they are $15 per dz I'm not sure what shipping is like.

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