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corinne76 02-01-2013 09:49 PM

The 25lb Challenge February thread
Our goal is to lose 25 pounds (or more!) and to get healthy. Each month will be a new thread.
September thread here
October thread here
November thread here
December thread here
January thread here

Official start date will be Friday, Aug 31st and we will weigh in every Friday. Post your weights in red so I can track them. I will update this first post with current weights so we can see how well we are doing!

Anyone is welcome! For first weigh in, please post your weight and goal weight. Thanks!

3lilbubs: starting:193, goal:145, current:193 -0
addiecakes: starting:173, goal:138, current:149.6 -23.4
agardenfall: starting:192, current:193 -0
am_ryan21: starting:179, goal:130, current:175 -4
AmyfromKY: starting:150, goal:135, current:145.6 -4.4
Ashsmama: Starting:154 Goal:125 Current:145.4 -8.6
Babykp08: starting:145.5, goal:125, current:145.5 -0
BNC: starting:210, goal: 170, mini goal: 199, current 203.9 -6.1
boogamama: starting:166, goal:143, current:165.5 -.5
bradcher: starting:127, goal:120
breefawn: starting:187.8, goal:140, current:173.2 -14.6
BubBubsMom: starting:165, goal:140, current:150 -15
christi2705: starting:125.8, goal:104, current:121.4 -4.4
coffeemama: starting:170, goal:140, current:165 -5
connor: starting:160, goal:140, current:160 -0
corinne76: starting:148.8, goal:130, current:143.3 -5.5
crysgoss: starting:178, goal:150, current:178 -0
d_arnold: Starting weight: 178.4, Current: 168, Goal: 160
edens mom: starting:156, goal:139, current:156 -0
Fishie Kisses: starting:195, goal:165, current:195 -0
Firerose RCM: starting:175, goal:135, current:175 -0
foodie.yarnie.mommie: starting:, goal:, current:
GreenBubbleTea: starting: 173, goal: 130, current: 169.8, -3.2
homebirthmom: starting:132, goal:118, current:132
huntressxx: starting:175, current:175 -0
igotmywings: starting:173, goal:145, current:173 -0
IsaacsMom2009: starting:201.8, goal:150, current:193.2 -8.6
JayJaysMama: starting:188.7, goal:140, current:183 -5.7
JemJam Customs: starting:263, goal:199, current:263 -0
Jessicacarol: Starting: 233, goal: 190, current: 220.5 -12.5
Jessnic: starting:170, goal:140, current: 169.8 -0.2
joga93: starting:263, current:263 -0
katiegud: starting:164, current:163.5 -0.5
Kbz2002: starting:200, goal:150
kcassemom: starting:200, goal:140, current:200 -0
KiltedKingdom: starting: 250, goal: 225, current: 249.2
kimmie: starting:172, goal:125, current: 127.9 -45
KLJ07: starting:146, goal:120, current:146 -0
kristenb423: starting: 154, goal: 130 current: 146.6 -7.4
Lavender Dragonfly: starting 157.8, goal 123.0, current 139.8, -18
LionMama: starting:176, goal:140, current: 174.2 -1.8
Luminajd: starting: 161.8, goal: 150
luvmyfishies: starting:150, goal:130, current:149.2 -.8
Mac & Cheeses mom: starting 244, goal: 140, current: 222 -22
MamaNotes: starting:145, goal:120/125, current:145 -0
Mamatoclaire: starting: 175, goal:140, current: 143.4 -31.6
Mama2jack-starting: 167.7, goal:153.2, current: 159.4 -8.3
mebl0901: starting:150, goal:135, current:147 -3
megshmeg: starting:170.8, goal:145, current:166.4
Mheagan: starting:218.8, goal:170, current:218.8
MinkaK: current: 139
misskira: starting:223, goal 145, current: 214, -9
Mms1972: starting 170.8, goal is 149.9, current: 170.8 -0
Momma_of_hjm: starting:169, goal:140, current:169 -0
MommaMal: starting:187, goal:150, current: 187 -0
Mommieof3monkeys: starting:164, goal:130, current:164 -0
mommyto3sweeties: starting : 201, goal weight: 165
momof_3: starting: 153.5 lbs, goal:110, current: 150.5 -3
Mrs.Leichliter: starting:168, goal:140, current:161 -7
munchkinflame13 starting 147.4 goal 120 current 125.2-22.2
MyPerfectLife: Starting - 178 Goal - 148 Current - 169.8 (-9.2)
Mysweetseven: starting:221, goal:195, current:216.4 -4.6
NaplesMom: starting:183, goal:130, current:183 -0
NewbieSAHM: starting 245, goal 140, current 231.5, -13.5
Numommy: starting:162.8, goal: 135, current: 143.6 -19.2
Psychomom~Goal: 40 lbs Lost: 0.8 lb Total: 5 lbs
Punksalad: starting:147, goal:130, current 144 -3
Qsefthuko: starting:258.6, goal:233.6, current:258.6 -0
Rebeccalynne15: starting:187.2, goal:130, current: 173.2 -14.0
Remindmeagain: Starting - 186 - Goal - 170 - Current – 181 -5
Reneaumommy: Starting: 159.8 Goal is 135. Current is 159.8
RNmama3: Start:192, goal:150, current:188, -4lbs
sahmofthree: starting 180.4, goal 145, current 160.4 -20.0
Sakari: starting:170, goal:130, current:154.5 -15.5
sjscnjs: starting: 280, goal: 180, current:278 -2
soon2b4ofmyown: starting:250, goal:150-160, current:250 -0
starbeam: starting:183, goal:150, current:183 -0
sunshine987: starting:176, goal:155, current:173.8 -2.2
thirdtimemomma: starting:222, current:208 -14
tuckergirl: starting:165, goal:140, current:163 -2
trying4more: starting: 173, Goal: 150, current: 173. -0
waterisntsomething: starting:207, goal:180, current: 192 -15
xmommy: Start: 243.6 goal:150 current: 229.8 -13.8
yaylucy: starting:222, goal: 160, current:222 -0

corinne76 02-01-2013 11:29 PM

Re: The 25lb Challenge February thread
Why can't I have a cheat meal? Why does it have to turn into a cheat day?

rebeccalynne15 02-02-2013 12:28 AM

Re: The 25lb Challenge February thread

Originally Posted by corinne76 (Post 16237339)
Why can't I have a cheat meal? Why does it have to turn into a cheat day?

Is hard to stop once you start huh ! Try having your cheat meal be dinner then you don't have all the rest of the day to keep cheating ;)

Measured and along with the 9.4 lbs loss for January I lost 14 inches ;) SO lost 18.4 lbs and 10.5 inches . (yes I am making him do this with me hehehe)
My pants are already fitting way looser needing a belt on some ...but its ok I have plenty of other sizes in the closet lol . Sad to say but I have from a size 4 to a size 16 in there :blush:

Get to walk/jog laps in the morning while dd is at basketball practice/game. Then on Sunday we are hiking into the falls again . Need to commit more to my workout dvds this week ...this week I walked but didn't do the dvd's not once (until tonight that is ) .

Well night ladies I better get to bed gotta be up at 7:30

RNmama3 02-02-2013 01:06 AM

Re: The 25lb Challenge February thread
Can I join? My weight is 192lbs. My goal is 150lbs.

Mac & Cheeses mom 02-02-2013 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by RNmama3
Can I join? My weight is 192lbs. My goal is 150lbs.


Mac & Cheeses mom 02-02-2013 05:03 AM

Yay that's a good loss

Originally Posted by IsaacsMom2009
Grrrr... I guess I didn't officially weigh in last week. I was 196.2. I wieghed this morning and I'm down to 195.3.

Old: IsaacsMom2009: starting:201.8, goal:150, current:196.2 -5.6

New: IsaacsMom2009: starting:201.8, goal:150, current:195.3 -6.5

l_Kimmie_l 02-02-2013 08:56 AM

Re: The 25lb Challenge February thread
I drank and ate chex mix last night. I weighed in at 129.9 this AM!!! It has been 8 years since I was in the 120s!! I thought I would have gained after that cheat.

Mac & Cheeses mom 02-02-2013 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l
I drank and ate chex mix last night. I weighed in at 129.9 this AM!!! It has been 8 years since I was in the 120s!! I thought I would have gained after that cheat.


l_Kimmie_l 02-02-2013 09:22 AM

Re: The 25lb Challenge February thread
I was so shocked. I gasped and said OMG out loud. DH was like "129?" LOL!

Mac & Cheeses mom 02-02-2013 09:31 AM


Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l
I was so shocked. I gasped and said OMG out loud. DH was like "129?" LOL!

Lol that is great. I hope to be at or over my mini goal this week. I feel good.

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