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tibeca 02-03-2013 08:28 PM

Cervical position?
So we are using a modified FAM method + diaphragm. We are planning on using the diaphragm all the time and avoiding intercourse when we're sure I'm ovulating. Since temping is not going to work well right now (not enough sleep and LAM), I am monitoring mucus and cervical position.

I know that the body can gear up to ovulate multiple times before the real thing happens. Does that include changes in cervical position? Just trying to figure out if I should be expecting a period yet.

joeslittlewoman 02-11-2013 10:41 AM

I've wondered this as well. I had a surprise pregnancy on FAM due to a sudden hormone change on a health supplement/juice. It made me ovulate 5 days early, caught 3 day old sperm (we used condoms for 8 days leading up to typical ovulation). I lost that baby and then we planned on waiting three cycles to try again. I continued the supplement that had changed my hormones (making for a much longer luteal phase), and continued to ovulate at the earlier time. The final wait cycle, I had all cervical position/fluid ovulation signs at the early time again. Then my fertile cm went away, my cervix lowered and closed. We pulled the goalie. Next morning, cervix went back up, opened, and cm returned...on the cycle day I had ovulated on for 5 years.

So, I either did the "impossible". Ovulated twice, 5 days apart, or my cervix and fluid showed all signs of fertility once while just gearing up, closed up, and then my body had reverted back to its old timing. It.was.weird.

Our handsome baby boy will be here in 6 weeks, lol. I would say it was a downside to not sleeping enough to temp, but I'm so excited about my 3rd son, it is hard to call it a downside.

My hubby wants me to get a paraguard now, though. Lol. I would still like to do FAM, just with more caution while making any diet or supplement changes, but hubby is definitely overwhelmed by the idea of a fourth kid. I think I'm probably feeling done, too.

Sorry, got OT. Just thought I would share my experience as far as cervical changes/ovulation.

JustSomeChickVee 02-12-2013 06:10 AM

Re: Cervical position?
Yes, it definitely can alter cervical position, softness and fluid. I have been doing FAM for 5 cycles, I have only ovulated once so far (I was on hormonal BC before.) my CF is often eggwhite, my cervical position is all over the place, and I may have a soft high cervix one day, a low firm cervix the next day and then anovulatory bleeding. I only took HBC for a month and 8 days too, it really messed my body up.

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