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strongwoman 02-03-2013 11:55 PM

DS3 is 6 months old, EBF, 18 lbs., does not like the bottle. My other two boys were sleeping through the night by now, but this guy goes down at 7PM wakes up at 10/11PM and then again at 3AM. I am SO TIRED. I nurse him when he wakes up and when he goes down for naps during the day, so like every two-three hours. Am I doing something totally wrong? This has been going on for like three months now. I know someone else out there has been through this. I just need to know it will end at some point, like SOON! Maybe I need to introduce him to solids? BTW, he also has eczema and ends up scratching at his face if we don't swaddle him in a blanket. I've been cutting out dairy, which seems to be the culprit since I tried having some butter and a little bit of cheese and he had a flare up. And, he is teething- drooling all the time. Any suggestions? Please tell me this doesn't last forever; I really need some deep sleep and now I hate going to my bed at night because I know he senses me and ends up waking up 30 to 45 minutes after I go down. Doesn't help that AF has returned either... ARGH!

tibeca 02-04-2013 07:46 AM

It is 100% normal for babies to NOT sleep through the night. Night waking is normal and the best way for your baby to prevent SIDS.

1 thing you can try to help you get better sleep is to feed the baby right before you go to bed. Getting in a good nursing session before you go to bed means you will have 2-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Van1300 02-04-2013 10:16 AM

I have a 3 month old who cluster feeds a ton right before bed and sleeps a 6 hr stretch. I sometimes go to bed when he does (8p) to enjoy a good chunk of sleep. If not, I sometimes dream feed him when I go to bed at 10p. He wakes to eat around 2a and then again at 5a, which we use to cuddle until 6am wakeup.

So, my suggestions are to nurse a bunch before bed, even once they have already gone to sleep. And yes, maybe even some solids before bed.

strongwoman 02-04-2013 09:57 PM

I figured those would be the only solutions... Thanks ladies for your insight. And now, off to bed!

cpamamma 02-07-2013 11:42 PM

If he's 6 months and 18 lbs I would definitely start solids. It might not cure it but I don't think it would hurt. I will just say not all kids or adults are great sleepers. My DD still wakes up at over two years old. She could have had a nightmare or got twisted in a blanket or have a tummy ache. The reasons for her are endless. It's just who she is and I guess someday she will not cry out when she wakes up. But my guess is that day won't come until she is like 12 lol.

I have done sleep training with her and it doesn't matter. I feel that some people are just crappy sleepers. DH and I both have some issues in that department so I really can't blame her. But I know how hard it is.

qsefthuko 02-08-2013 01:09 AM

No suggestions. Just want to say you are not alone. My first 2 would wake to nurse every 3-4 hours through the night and go right back to sleep. lLife was great. Babies were easy. This last one wants to nurse every 2 hours through the night and hourly during the day. NO he is not a newborn. The little stinker is a whopping 20 months old and of course on solids as well. He also has a similar sleep schedule as your lo. He goes down around 11pm and is up at 2am. It is 2am right now. He just woke up. I don't expect him to go back down until around 4 or 5 am. Sometimes he doesn't go down until 7:30 am.

marliah 02-08-2013 04:41 AM


Originally Posted by tibeca (Post 16245623)
It is 100% normal for babies to NOT sleep through the night.

Yes this! My 6 month old nurses numerous times in a night, we cosleep which has helped so much, also I removed the clock from our room ;) so I don't care how often or when she gets up. Also my 2 year old still doesn't sleep through most nights, it's quite normal for little ones to wake.

Can you catch a nap? Or go to bed earlier?

Also food allergies will make for miserable sleep, please cut out all known allergens for two weeks minimum and see if sleep doesn't improve, then don't allow any breeches (effects can last two weeks each time!) Excema is incredibly itchy and can keep a person awake, so can allergen induced stomach aches. I know that's difficult, my lo has many sensitivities and my diet is very limited, but it's worth it to have a happy, healthy baby!

lovewool 02-08-2013 01:10 PM

:hugs: My first nursed every 1.5-2 hours until I decided to night wean him at 16 or 17 months. I was so tired and burnt out!

MakingHome 02-08-2013 01:55 PM

Well, I would encourage you to try to group his feedings every 2&1/2 hours during the day so he's still getting the same caloric intake but grouping it so that sleep happens at night. This is what I've done with all 5 of our kiddos and will do with our 6th as well.

You can read the first of my seven-part play-by-play here if you're interested:
(The same basic principles can apply even tho you're starting later)

Nighttime sleep and sanity are possible. I wouldn't be able to survive long without a good nights sleep. So please no flames but this is what has worked -consistently- wih a variety of sizes and personalities, to get us all sleeping at night sooner.

UVASahm 02-08-2013 02:05 PM

You could also think about cutting out one of the feelings. Probably the middle of the night one will go first. I'm a big fan of CIO but probably not until your lo is 12 months or so.

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