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jessca06 02-04-2013 09:32 AM

vegan help for omega 3 and b12?
We are wanting to switch to a vegan diet. We have eliminated meat and dairy. We are still eating a small amount of fish and eggs because I'm worried about omega-3 and b12 and want to make sure that we're taking supplements or getting enough before eliminating the fish and eggs.

I'm looking for supplements for omega-3 and b12 for DH, me, and our almost 3 year old daughter. We also have an 8 month old but he is breastfeeding.

and is there a b12 supplement you would recommend for a 3 year old?

What about omega 3? what do you eat or take to make sure you and your kids are getting enough?

lyn1270 02-05-2013 02:51 PM

Re: vegan help for omega 3 and b12?
for my omegas, i mix in some milled flax seeds to things. you can use it in soups and such as a thickener. you can put it in a smoothie. you can add some to your PB&J sandwich. you can add it just about anywhere. you can also make a flax "Egg" to use as a replacement when baking (1Tbsp milled flax + 3 Tbsp water). flax is also good at helping eliminate toxins in our body. if you mix some in w/a juice/water, it becomes kinda gelatinous. this gelatinous mix will stick to toxins and help them to exit your body. for the b12, IMO, if you are eating a good amt of veggies/fruits you should be fine on the Bs. If not, then juice. you can get a lot of nutrients at one time via juicing. plus, you can sneak in some kale and spinach and other yummy greens to littles when they don't even notice it. i make green smoothies w/juiced kale and spinach all the time for my super duper picky 5y.o. he thinks they are cool cause they are like the Hulk :D, and I put enough peach and mango in there that he doesn't even know about the other goodness :D

also, you can try buying powdered greens. there tons of brands out there, and everyone has one that they say works the best. I use a kid version for my littles and a grown up version for me. your local whole foods/natural foods store should have some. they may even have sample sizes so you can try before you buy a huge can of it. the greens will take care of the Bs & the omegas :)


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