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TexasMelanie 02-04-2013 09:00 PM

Crochet for my kids
We just moved in the last few weeks and so I've pretty much taken a leave of absence from crochet for the last couple of months. I'm getting back into it again and having so much fun!

Here are a few things I've made for my kids recently.

A pair of mittens to match my daughter's viking hat. She wears the whole set every morning when we walk my son to school. LOL

I made my son a heavy blanket. It isn't overly heavy, but it's heavier than most. He has autism and loves to sleep with lots of covers on him so this was perfect and he sleeps with it every night :wub: He wanted square and he wanted it to be the solid maroon. So there we go!

Finally, my daughter's feet get cold easily. She was watching me finish up a set for my store and it had yellow and orange. She really wanted to keep the shoes (they were 0-3 months so no way LOL) so I made her her own pair of slippers. She chose the colors. I used my glue gun to put dots on the bottom. She loves them! They keep her feet warm. We have all hard flooring in our house and she can run everywhere and not slip. I never could get a real action shot, though. LOL

Thanks for looking! :wub:

c&w's mama 02-06-2013 10:35 AM

Re: Crochet for my kids

love the slippers especially- I can never figure out what to tempt my dd with to get her to wear anything! nevermind, ds...

Glad you're settled :)

TexasMelanie 02-07-2013 09:11 PM

Re: Crochet for my kids
Thank you! It's good to be settled! The move was a good one but it was so drawn out. It was about 1.5 months between when we started packing to when we actually got to move (and our move date was unknown until about 5 days before which was driving me crazy lol).

My daughter LOVES shoes. She has way more than any 2-year-old should. LOL People have given us a ton of shoes and she wears them all. LOL

Our son is the opposite LOL

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