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JillBasel 02-05-2013 10:15 PM

Serging breast pads...needle breaks
I am fine serging in the round, and make my unpaper towels with curved corners just fine. So my friend asks me for breast pads. I can do that I say. Yeah right. I have obv as the top layer, 1 layer of zorb for the core, and 1 layer poly fleece for the back. My serger hates me. It seemed like the obv was bunching, then it looked great for half the pad, then it went super wonky and my needle broke. The second pad went a little better but I still ended up with a broken needle...:banghead:

Any thoughts or advice? I thought my serger and I were friends now but I guess not!

rumblepurr 02-05-2013 10:24 PM

Re: Serging breast pads...needle breaks
:headscratch: lengthen the stitch a touch (bunching), lower the tension a touch across the board (thick material?) and go slow, do not pull the fabric (curves). Were these new needles to begin the project with? Was the second needle that broke the one you replaced the old one with or the other needle?

mgmsrk 02-06-2013 08:18 AM

Re: Serging breast pads...needle breaks
I would guess your needle is too thin for the amount of fabric. As for the OBV sliding it could be the differential off or you may need more pins.

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