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apboyles 02-07-2013 12:47 AM

If you wore pants/bottoms during labor
I'm confused. Did you leak a lot of fluids and stuff? So did you wear pads or something? All I can remember last time is that I leaked everywhere so I don't think wearing anything on my bottom half would have been too smart of an idea. So what did you wear? I almost think I would be more comfortable with underwear on this time.

You Tell 'Em 02-07-2013 01:17 AM

Re: If you wore pants/bottoms during labor
With DD#2 (homebirth) I wore gauncho (sp?) style pants (no underwear) and didn't have any leakage, my water wasn't broken. It wasn't until my midwives broke my water that they came off, but then they had me start pushing right after.

This time, I'll be in the hospital I don't plan on wearing their gowns but I'll most likely be wearing yoga style pants with a sports bra until I get in the labor tub then just the sports bra.... then I don't plan to put on their gown at all, just stick with the sports bra for pushing (I can change into a dry one since I packed 2). If it goes as fast as I anticipate then hopefully I'll get admitted, find out I'm pretty far dilated and be able to get into the tub right away until I feel the need to push.

timberline 02-07-2013 02:07 AM

Re: If you wore pants/bottoms during labor
I wore their fishnet bottoms and went thru pads like a leaky faucet. I had to pee so much. The on duty nurse wasnt happy about going thrugh them big absorbent mat pads.

AniMommy 02-07-2013 05:39 AM

Both times I wore pants. Neither time had my water broken until pushing stage. No leaking of any kind. Both times at some point, I just wanted the pants off so I was only wearing a cami top. But that was pretty late in the game.

SaraElise 02-07-2013 07:17 AM

Re: If you wore pants/bottoms during labor
I wore nothing. Usually I go from "hmm this is starting to feel intense" to "NEED TO PUSH" within a couple of minutes. No time to even try and get off pants if I wanted to :giggle:

MDever 02-07-2013 07:24 AM

Re: If you wore pants/bottoms during labor
My babies heads are SO low and pressing on my cervix that nothing can leak out even after my water breaks.

joeslittlewoman 02-07-2013 04:40 PM

I didn't realize pants/underwear were an option. With DS1 I wore a hospital gown. With DS2 I brought my own gown. And I leaked a lot, which was gross. We kept those big hospital bed pads on the birthing ball, bed, and rocking chair so it was a little less messy. I definitely would have opted for underwear and pad if given the option. I was a bit self conscious about the leaking with DS1.

aaiya 02-07-2013 04:53 PM

Re: If you wore pants/bottoms during labor
With my last baby, my water broke but didn't keep leaking after that. So I just wore my regular underwear and pants until I took them off when we got to the hospital. Then, I just had nothing on bottom and my regular shirt on top (I told them no to the gown).

ETA: I was at the hospital less than 20 min before I had a baby in my arms.

Feronia 02-08-2013 05:16 PM

Re: If you wore pants/bottoms during labor
I didn't wear anything under my skirt. My waters broke while I was in the tub and no fluids or anything were leaking out before that. I don't think I got out of the tub after my waters broke, so I can't really tell you what it was like down there after that, lol.

apboyles 02-09-2013 02:40 AM

Re: If you wore pants/bottoms during labor
Ok, that clears it up a little! My water broke before I got there and I was leaky for awhile so I couldn't figure out how people did it. Plus I was losing my mucus plug all over the place (ewwwww). Maybe this time around won't be as messy?!? I hope!

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