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Tris 02-07-2013 10:19 AM

Anti, selective and delayed vaxr's come in please
Hi :)
Ok so I need some advice. I've always delayed my kids vaccinations, with the intent they get them all by school age but not on the recommended schedule. My last Ped was awesome and we had a schedule set up, but then we moved rather suddenly and the schedule was off. Now I took the girls to their new ped (who is awful) today, and instead of trying to work out a schedule she spent 15 minutes lecturing me on the girls getting the hep B vax and trying to tell my 5 year old she needed it today. Now this ped is 40 minutes away, and there is a clinic 2 minutes away I can go to to get the girls vaxs, so I told her before her lecture started that they were not getting any vaccinations today, period. I had also promised the girls earlier that they were not getting shots today, and I think it's important I don't lie to them. Then she tried to say that now that she is their ped, she is responsible for them and blah blah, and I'll have to sign something saying I'm not listening to her ( which she seemed to have forgot she said nor would I have signed).
Agh. Ok so questions, what schedule are you on, do you do hep b, and is it really bad to claim a religious exemption for school? ( I am religious, but really my issue is with getting a vax for a sexually transmitted disease). I also wasn't planning on getting the varicella vax...
Advice, whatever you got is appreciated.

kushie tushie 02-07-2013 10:24 AM

We don't vac. No hep b either. If I was hoing to vax hep B would not be one of the first we'd jump up to get.

If the kids go to school vs homeschool I will clain religious exemption. Thats wgat its there for.... any person who is morally opposed to vaccines.

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!

Tris 02-07-2013 10:50 AM

Re: Anti, selective and delayed vaxr's come in please
Thanks Amanda! Ugh it was just a stressful appt.

canadianbakers 02-07-2013 10:57 AM

Re: Anti, selective and delayed vaxr's come in please
DD is fully vaxed except for varicella. We likely will be getting that done for her in the next couple years, as she hasn't been able to come in contact with it naturally! :banghead:

DS1 reacted to his 2mos shots. We delayed anything more until he was 2 years old (at which point, interestingly, they need far fewer vaccinations (doses) to be immunized). He then got up to date on all the "baby" needles, except for varicella, but he also reacted to (what was technically) his 18mos needles - which are the same as the 2mos ones. Because of these reactions, we haven't done his school booster (which, again, contains those same vaccinations).

DS2 has all the baby shots, except varicella. No school booster either.

DS3 had his up until 12 months. Then we lost Elli and I had too much anxiety surrounding Drs offices and couldn't take him for any more appts. I'm not that worried about catching him up, honestly. Eventually we likely will.

I have never had any problems from any of our Drs about the kids not being fully vaxed. And I'm very confused about the schools requiring vaccinations in the states. Up here we fill out the forms when the kids enter school, but I've never had any questions or calls or had to fill out any exemption forms or anything because of the missing vaxes. :headscratch:

SarahBk 02-07-2013 10:59 AM

Re: Anti, selective and delayed vaxr's come in please
:( She sounds awful. I think I'd be looking for someone else.

We vax on a alt schedule. We've yet to do varicella or hep B for my youngest. We'll probably try for an exemption when the time comes.

kushie tushie 02-07-2013 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by Tris (Post 16260035)
Thanks Amanda! Ugh it was just a stressful appt.

I can imagine! I would be really upset if someone talked to me like that. I would also be looking to a new pedi asap!

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!

JustSomeChickVee 02-07-2013 02:04 PM

Re: Anti, selective and delayed vaxr's come in please
We don't vax at all, but if we did, we definitely wouldn't be getting the hep B vax either. The religious exemption is fine, they don't ask for an explanation of your religion or anything. In my experience and the experiences of others in my area, they just ask for identification documents and you just sign a paper, no big deal.

I wouldn't go back to this ped either o.O

songbird516 02-07-2013 02:27 PM

Re: Anti, selective and delayed vaxr's come in please
My particular religion doesn't take a stance on vaccinations, but I personally beleive that they are a pollutant and I morally object to vaccines produced using fetal tissue. So I feel perfectly find claiming the exemption. I had to do it when my first was in daycare.

Is that the only ped?

aemarques 02-07-2013 02:29 PM

Yeah I'd pick a new ped for sure, this will be a long fight and uncomfortable visits with her. Not to mention theyve been known to call CPS on non vaccing parents.

We don't vax, have told the ped were delaying but still get a friendly little speach everytime we go in and have to sign a paper but its nothing terrible. I know the doctor as I used to work with her in the hospital and I'm not sure I'm comfortable going else where other than a naturopathic doc.

If you'd like I'd love to send you this email a friend sent me about vaccines. She went to several conferences about vaccines and summed up the info in this essay she wrote. PM me :)

Tris 02-07-2013 04:48 PM

Re: Anti, selective and delayed vaxr's come in please
Thanks everyone!
Unfortunately its the only Ped, the girls are on state insurance for the time being, and the ped is picked out by them, I don't have a say. Hopefully H will get picked up at his company in March and I can find a new one on "real" insurance.

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