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Lanolin 02-07-2013 12:41 PM

help me let go of diapers, I love them to much. Update in post 9 with pic :)
I want simple and streamlined and minimal. I mainly use flats but sometimes take a fitted break or pull out the prefolds for variety. I am afraid I will burn out with flats, if that is all I have.
Last summer I used exclusively flats for 3months, to see if I could do it simply. I loved it but, then went back to fitteds for a month of so due to runny poo. When our babe was born in November we used flats exclusilvely for both boys. I did use prefolds for a few weeks, and sometimes fitteds. but I want to streamline and only have one type of diaper, I am pretty sure I can do it with just flats.
Here are my issues, dh only uses fitteds, currently I have 6 set aside for each boy.
Little Fancy Pants(these are very ragged) for 22month old, small Sandies for 12week old. and I do the flats.
I have a box of misc sized fitteds in storage that would be great to purge. Except I really love the small sandies(I have 11 total)-they fit for such a long time(until 1 1/2years) and are really workhorse dipes, but they take long to dry. and what if ds dosen`t pt until later and I will need the extra lage fitteds? Maybe I should replace the LFP with large sandies, since they for sure will fit until pt, even if he is 3years+. I don't really want to buy more-but have less stuff. Or maybe the boys get yucky runny poo again, and I will wish for fitteds?I am thinking just keep 6 for each boy. I am afraid that if I have these few fitteds, I'll fall back in love with their ease and ditch the flats.
I also have a box of sized prefolds, In preflat days these were my full time stash. I used prefolds for 3 babes nb-pt, so I know they work. I think I can let them go,but what if I need the preemie and infants sized as doublers in the flats of course?(but then drying time will increase as well) when these little guys need some more absorbancy.
Would it be better to destash everything except flats, all just for the sake of simple, but purchase sposies for dh and incase of burnout :yuck:.We are hard core cders even dh, so this would irk me. They are never in paper.

Gah they are just diapers why am I attached to them, tell me I am crazy,let it all go.

Oh and for covers we use wool exclusively, I am not ready to streamline that yet..:giggle2: maybe another day far, far away.

badmisterkitty 02-07-2013 01:49 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much.
Are you done having kids?

It sounds like you are done with the prefolds. If you need more absorbancy, you can double up on a flat or stick a wipe in there. OR, keep just a few of the preemie prefolds and sell the rest.

I would keep all 11 of your small sandies, too. And then, replace the larger ratty fitteds with large sandies, maybe 6 for starters and work up to 12. Then you essentially have 2 simple working diapering systems that can either be used simultaneously or when you get flat burnout.

If you KNOW all you have are THESE diapers, you'll use them and not regret getting rid of X or Y.

marliah 02-07-2013 01:52 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much.
I would keep the flats, the small sandies and get some large sandies and get rid of the rest. That will be a nice streamlined stash with some daddy friendly diapers in the mix :) I agree with working up to a dozen larges (these work great for potty training too cause they pull up and down easily, so of you know they can be training pants too maybe that makes it a little easier to spend on them) and just cause I am silly like this I would get one more small to have an even dozen :)

For the record this is our stash ( except we have some meos too) and we really like it, but if I had it to do over I would do one type fabric (or colors) for the large sandies and another for the smalls so I could tell the difference easily. ;)

moonlightblonde 02-07-2013 04:27 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much.
I wish I was more help, I'm having a terrible time letting go & have a large rubbermaid in the basement filled with flats & prefolds.

I'm not as streamlined, I have 6 bge's, 6 greenline bamboo inserts, 4 greenline bamboo doublers, 6 prefolds in the cupboard for spills or under her bum while I change nasty poops & flats.

Lanolin 02-07-2013 04:53 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much.
thanks mamas you have given me a vision for my stash. Now I need to go iso of some lg sandies.

Lanolin 02-07-2013 04:55 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much.

marliah 02-07-2013 05:39 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much.
There's some on FSOT right now ;) I was eyeing them myself but I need to part with some smalls first,overbought on them and under bought larges.

SarasynFox 02-07-2013 08:15 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much.
Honestly, I can't tell you what to do, but I've done the exclusively flats thing before. I really did burn out on it, but I kept going because it was all we had. By the time we were done with them I was so sick of them I just wanted to get rid of all of them. I didn't, but man did I want to! Of course, I'm glad I didn't because the littlest kind of caught us by surprise. Unfortunately, he doesn't always do so well in flats, so I'm glad we've got other options. He can't wear flats for overnights and naps or he wakes up very upset.

Our well used/loved stash consists of 24 flats approximately, 4 Happy Heine pockets size M (we use flats for insets), and 4 FuzzyBunz Elite with inserts. I think we need to cut down on the flats because I don't use them as much. We also have a total of about 12 small prefolds we usually use for wipes. These are starting to convert over to cleaning rags since they're pretty well worn out. We've got a bunch that are pretty much worn out. I mean, I could salvage them if I wanted to rip them open, replace the elastic, replace the aplix, etc, but that's really more work than I'm ready to handle, so we're just trying to hang on to them for emergency use on outings until we can get enough of a stock of other pockets, then we're getting rid of those too. We don't do flats on outings because they're just too much hassle for us, so we're just waiting to build up a comfortable stock of pockets because, well, I'm kind of on burnout with flats right now and the baby clearly doesn't do as well with them.

I guess my best advice is to see what you really need to get by, find out what works for you and your hubby, and go with the minimum you can use to get by. Everything else can find another home.

Lanolin 02-09-2013 04:36 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much.
thank all so much. my minimal stash. for 2. love it so much. refreshing so for me.
DSC_0050 by MartinaKnits, on Flickr

2wool covers are washing, and 2 are in use
the rest of the flats are in use or in the pail

(there is 6 LFP fitteds and 11 sandies stashed away)

-the big box of prefolds to sil
-rest of the fitteds gifting and fsot next week.
-and the wool is going too.

marliah 02-09-2013 07:00 PM

Re: help me let go of diapers, I love them to much. Update in post 9 with pic :)
Wow! What a pretty and simple stash :thumbsup:

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