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IsabelsMama 02-07-2013 11:14 PM

FF - harness vs. high back booster
I read someone quoting on here that there is no research that supports that a 5-pt harness is any safer than a belt-positioning booster, as long as the child is staying sitting up, not leaning forward, not unbuckling themselves, etc. My DD stays perfectly upright, good and still in her new HBB (First Years Compass) that we just used while traveling to Florida. So now I am considering using it in our non-primary vehicle to replace our Graco Nautilus which by the way I HATE with a passion. She's rarely in that vehicle and since the booster folds in half (geared toward travel) we would probably leave it folded up in the trunk all the time she is not using it which would make it easier to have more backseat room for other things like groceries etc as we try to use this car to run errands with no kids a lot of the time. I was trying to find the reference to HBB being just as safe as the 5pt harness if the child is big enough and FF anyway, but couldn't find it. Anyone have any insight?

an_aurora 02-08-2013 03:42 AM

Re: FF - harness vs. high back booster
There's just not enough research to prove it either way. The general rule is that as long as the child is physically ready (ie meets the height and weight requirements) and mature enough (at LEAST 4, but most kids aren't ready until 5-6) they are considered equal in terms of safety. Being able to sit still and not wiggle or slouch or pick up a toy is crucial.

JayneCapri 02-11-2013 04:16 AM

Re: FF - harness vs. high back booster
It really is a maturity and slouch thing. Getting my almost 6 year old nephew into a 5pt carseat is a struggle because he slouches just sitting there before I buckle him in, so I think your decision has to be your own, and you have to trust that she stays properly buckled and doesn't move around. I think over the age of 5, its a personal decision between the parents and their trust in their child.

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