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MSmith88 02-08-2013 12:39 PM

"Staple" toys for my kiddo!
I have seen a couple posts like this but my dd is 15 months old and has her own playroom full of toys (90% gifts). What toys are best to keep?

I want simple.
I want imaginative play.
I want her to love to play.
I want educational play.

What are staples for children 12months-3years?

moonlightblonde 02-08-2013 01:37 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
Not sure, I like having legos, wooden trains, a couple dolls, a couple silk scarves, and some metal/wooden dishes/some felt food.

TypeAMom 02-08-2013 02:10 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
Wooden blocks, play food, something for dress up (we've used a sheet before which doubles as a fort), books (can be from library, too), musical instruments, a doll and/or stuffed animals.

toys2teach 02-08-2013 02:41 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
The most open ended toys we have are our play silks. The kids have me tie them up as hats/shirts/capes/skirts and so on. They use them as blankets, for peek a boo, picnic blankets for tea parties and such. My daughter sets them out and uses the blue one as water for her water animals and brown ones as land and green ones as grass. Everyone hold a corner and then lift it in the air to with a balloon/balled up sock/soft ball and then try and catch it..... and so on! We love them.

Play food is also a must for us. They love to fix me meals and feed their dolls. Blocks are also something they play with often. We have the big carboard set from Melissa and Doug. They may not be the most minamalist set as they are big, but we love them. We paired them with some cardboard tubes (like paper towel ones, but these are bigger and thicker) Lots of fun! Other than that I would say some quality people and animals :thumbsup:

babynme8 02-08-2013 03:18 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
My DD loves her kitchen and play food. All of our of playfood is wood or felt and we have the SS pots and pans from Ikea. We also have baby dolls, a baby bed, and stroller. I want to get the wooden KidCraft doll highchair for her birthday. I also like the Fisher Price Little People line and have lots of them in still in storage from the boys.

smplmama 02-08-2013 03:20 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
We have play kitchen and food, one waldorf doll per child, play silks, wooden blocks, 4 vehicles (the cute set from ikea), road play mat since they love it, 3 different sized sensory balls that are ok for indoor use, a ride on plasma car type thing, one favorite stuffy each plus a couple others they seem quite attached too, one set of wooden/waldorf inspired farm animals. My 5 year old is just venturing into Lego...I hate the peices but he gets pretty creative with it all so it seems worth it. Our winters are very very cold and long, and they get by just fine with this and art stuff of course. We don't own books, just use the library weekly.

If I could do it all over again, it would all be ikea things. Cheap, simple, basic, and they last and last and the kids love it all.

leadmare 02-08-2013 03:22 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
I vote for blocks, & musical instruments (like bells, and a drum). Play silks are great, but I usually think of them for the 3+ crowd.

babynme8 02-08-2013 03:32 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
Oh and I recently bought a small indoor trampoline that all the kiddo love.

Lanolin 02-08-2013 05:15 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
I am a mean mom, my little ones only have one basket of toys out. I even purged the train set, since there just wasn't enough engines and tracks for everyone to play. They were looking for it the other day, but found something else to play with without asking me were it was. :yay:
This is what we have:
- The all have a handmade teddybear made by my Grandma :wub:
-Couple small cuddle waldorf dolls.
-wooden play kitchen, with few dishes & tea set, couple peices of wool playfood(everthing stores in the oven when not in use).
-wooden doll bed(were the dolls and teddies live)& wooden stroller
- big boys have lego(stored in their room)
- a rainbow of silks(nobody plays with these)I guess they should go-I just think they are pretty
-cars, a stacker, wooden blocks, farm animals all stored in a basket in the living room.
- board books for the littles and a shelf of storybooks for the older ones
-games: scrabble,rummi-o, chess
-color pencils and paper(this is the most popular, they use these several hours a day-so I invested in quality with these)
-a huge wooded barn my friend made for us.
-outside we have bikes, sandbox and a tramp and trees to climb.
-big boys have fishing rods, pellet gun, bow and arrow. ods built a raft recently
This is pleny for us, everyone is entertained.
I would like to add some quality puzzles, memory game, more farm animals,more play food, real waldorf dolls(since my girls will be 4&6 this year). These will be the birthday gifts for the year.
oh and the ages are 10.5-3months

Melinda29 02-08-2013 06:45 PM

Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!
-Play silks (Magic Cabin)
-Wool food (Camden Rose is my fave)
-Wooden kitchen (Camden Rose)
-Unit blocks (Melissa and Doug makes 2 great sets--I'm not crazy about the quality of most M&D stuff but these are great!)
-One to three dolls or stuffies (or combination)
-doll stroller, cradle, and high chair (Camden Rose)
-indoor trampoline
-Figures (Schleich animals or wooden peg people)
-wooden train tracks
-tricycle (Kettler)
-crayons and colored pencils
-wooden shape puzzles
-pulling clacker thing
-Hape ball pounder
-Instruments (Gleckenshpiel, wooden rattler, and bell)

My older son also has some legos, Tonka Trucks, and DH's old metal toy tractors, but otherwise, this is it for toys!

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