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Sheree612 02-13-2013 03:56 PM

Laundry Soap
We just got a new HE too loader for Christmas. I FINALLY got a routine down for washing. All I've ever washed any of our diapers in is a squirt of blue dawn and occasionally vinegar and baking soda.
I'd like to FINALLY start using a detergent, what is your favorite HE brand?

delladea 02-13-2013 04:09 PM

Re: Laundry Soap
We use All Free and Clear for diapers and everything else and have never had issues with stink. I fill the cup to the 2 line for all full loads. I usually throw a few towels in with the diapers unless I'm washing a big diaper load because otherwise they don't seem to get agitated enough (we have a Samsung HE front-loader that's a couple years old).

One thing I have noticed is there is slight staining that is apparent. I've been without a clothesline for the last four months (oh how I miss it!) so I haven't had a decent place to sun my diapers. The only CD detergent I've ever tried was Rockin' Green for hard water and it never got my diapers totally clean.

TrennaII 02-13-2013 04:23 PM

Re: Laundry Soap
You're going to get a lot of opinions and responses on that!

The trend these days is toward Tide; It is often considered to not be cloth diaper approved because its optical brighteners (even in the F&C) can coat fabrics, sealing in the yuck and reducing absorbency. Other big brands are similar. Many have enzymes ... some babies are sensitive to enzymes, some diapers don't get clean without them, some diaper companies say "no enzymes", some say "must use enzymes."

Among those popular for cloth diapers include Charlie's, homemade, and Rockin Green ... these are soap based from what I understand. Soap based sometimes are amazing, sometimes do not get diapers clean, sometimes leave buildup in the washer, sometimes cause a lot of irritation.

Some natural detergents (not soap based) are Biokleen and Country Save. Both work in HE washers and don't contain the things that cloth diaper companies say to not use. They don't have optical brighteners and other things that coat fabrics. Biokleen has several formulas, Country Save is only in a powder.

My personal experience is that Tide doesn't truly get diapers clean, it just "hides" crud under layers of buildup. When I buy used diapers from people who use Tide, and wash them in Country Save, they smell clean at first and then once I start stripping off the buildup I find a ton of stink hidden in there. When I've used Tide it doesn't get diapers as clean as Country Save does, and my son gets rashes (this includes Free & Clear).

I really didn't want to use Country Save (it seems so granola-crunchy) so I used Biokleen, which I've liked (the regular liquid, not the powder, free & clear, or cold water formulas) ... however I had to use a little extra and it left stains.

For us, Country Save is the only one that gets all the stains out, gets the diapers truly clean, doesn't leave a buildup or rashes.

If you use Tide or something like that, I suggest a dash of vinegar in your fabric softener dispenser, to remove some of the optical brighteners they leave on fabric.

March 02-13-2013 04:45 PM

Charlie's Soap and Rockin' Green are not soap-based. They use plant-based surfactants and water conditioners, not fat (which is how true soap is derived).

I don't have an HE washer, but I use Tide Free and Gentle liquid. I had beautiful luck with Charlie's at my old house, but once we moved to a neighborhood with crazy water (a neighbor kid got iron poisoning from our water!), nothing has worked but Tide. I don't like the scent of original Tide (or any scented grocery store detergent), but Free & Gentle has been wonderful for us. It rinses clean--but I use very hot water (I turn my cold spigot off) and I have a very, very heavy-duty agitation option called "work wear" that I combine with the Deep Water setting. So even the most "build-up"-prone, most petroleum-laden detergent probably doesn't stand a chance against my washer. ;) I use up to the 1 line in the pre-wash and up to the 3 line in the regular wash.

My local CD friends think I'm crazy--Nellie's is the local favorite. But I've polled neighbors and everyone unilaterally agrees that only Tide works in our water for anything, and a lot of it is necessary--WITH a water softener--to get clothes clean. I also use Oxi in every load of everything to prevent discoloration from the high concentrations of cadmium and iron in our water.

P!nkPepper 02-13-2013 07:16 PM

I use Crunchy Clean Hard Water. It works great with our very hard water & I don't need an extra rinse like with Tide. I cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse then dry.

Jodie ~ mama to Big K, Medium K & Lil' k

NaturesWay 02-13-2013 07:20 PM

Re: Laundry Soap

I am fan of Tiny Bubbles.

I only use Gro-via cloth diapers and this is the recommended detergent. I have only used Tiny Bubbles and Rockin' Green on my cloth diapers. My recent purchase of Rockin' Green was not pleasing. I tested my water as recommended. I have extremely hard water. I'm using the regular formula for Rockin' Green. Perhaps if I used the Hard Rock formula I would have better results. However, my daughter had an extreme reaction to the Rockin' Green. Chemical burn/rash that lasted nearly two weeks. So Rockin' Green is not going to work for our diapers.

I must add, Rockin' Green did get our diapers clean, no stink or stains, and I did not notice any build up or absorbency problems.

I use Gain for regular laundry. I spoke with a representative at Gro-via and confirmed Gain can be used on their diapers. I'm considering trying this detergent when I run out of Tiny Bubbles.

Hope this helps!

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