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~whitehologram~ 02-14-2013 03:17 AM

B2B Valentines day!

We are a group of parents that chat and support each other.
We have been at this for a while so some of us are out of the diapering stage.
...some were out and are back in again.
Every once in a while we actually get to answer a diaper question or two in here.
If you are looking for a very diverse and open group come on over and chat.

~whitehologram~ 02-14-2013 03:18 AM

Re: B2B Valentines day!

Originally Posted by jwjbbrown (Post 16286648)
OK home....

Lesson plans and copies all made for my sub and waiting on my desk. Her valentines and gift bags on my desk with a note for the sub to deliver them to preschool. I have a really awesome sub. :hugegrin:

So now MH and I are headed to bed, hope she sleeps well

I hope MH sleeps well and feels better today.

~whitehologram~ 02-14-2013 03:20 AM

Re: B2B Valentines day!
Derry and I have had a busy morning.

We have:

Tidied the living room, the bathroom, the kids room.
Vacuumed the living room, bathroom, and kids room.
Had a little rest.
I did the dishes and tidied the kitchen.
We had a little rest.
I made the carrot (heart shaped) cake, and the sugar cookie dough.
Now I'm resting again.

I am shattered!

jwjbbrown 02-14-2013 04:04 AM

Good work Janine. I plan to clean today as well. The house needs it.

It has been a rough night. Such an awful cough. When you gave a kid that rarely gets sick.....sigh. I hate they I can't help much. In the end it was a combination of Robitussin, Vicks, honey, and propped almost straight up with me holding on that calmed it long enough yo fall asleep. Once asleep we made it 6 hours before starting all over again. She is settled again. Hoping for a few more hours. So tired, thankful I have an understanding boss who believes I should be home.

~whitehologram~ 02-14-2013 04:13 AM

Re: B2B Valentines day!

Cake and cookies are done. I'll have the kids decorate the cookies with Oma this afternoon while Heiner and I are at my doctors appointment and I'll do the cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake when I get home.

We were thinking BK for dinner tonight jut because we wont be home in time to make anything and the kids love BK.

~whitehologram~ 02-14-2013 04:14 AM

Re: B2B Valentines day!
I'm sorry Jen...I hope you can all get some more sleep and hope for a restful day.

~whitehologram~ 02-14-2013 04:14 AM

Re: B2B Valentines day!
Ok, time for a shower...and then I'll have to drive out to Heiner's work.

jwjbbrown 02-14-2013 07:06 AM

How can she br so energetic and me so tired after that night?

Morning.... :needcoffee:

redgirlsmama 02-14-2013 07:59 AM

Morning. Made angel food cupcakes yesterday for preschool party today. Cookies look good. I think we are having baked tacos for dinner tonight. We need to do some laundry and get all packed up for the weekend. My wrist is still really bothering me :/ Jen take it easy!

jacksmommy1 02-14-2013 08:14 AM

Re: B2B Valentines day!
i have been running on 3 hrs sleep for the last 3 nights. some baby some baby some pita stella. We are having ceser salad, steak, and baked potatoes for dinner. THen jack and stella are going to mils for the night. Walker has surgery at 630 am tomorrow

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