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KingsDaughter76 02-16-2013 11:45 PM

THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!
:giggle2:Thought it was time to start a new thread for all things loved by Motherease!

Whether you love sandy's, meos, duos, unos, trainers or anything else made by Motherease, then THIS is the thread for you! :drif:

Feel free to post action shots (cause we all LOVE those!) or post your questions, answers or general love stories... all are welcome! :lostit:

KingsDaughter76 02-16-2013 11:51 PM

Re: I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!
Some pics of my son (20 mths) in airflow covers and sandy's. He currently uses a Stay dry meos with the matching snap in stay dry liner ( I put a hemp doubler under the liner) and a woolybottoms soaker for his nighttime all night diaper. No leaks ever!

Earthy Momma 02-17-2013 01:44 AM

Re: THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!
i am so in love with ME!!!! i knew if sandys didnt have the side snaps before i would have so loved them (i HATE side snaps!) i finally tried them and i even love them with the side snaps! lol im getting the hang of it, but it is nice because DS doesnt ever pull them off (YET!) at 13 moths! i wish i could figure out posting pics on here i so would..maybe ill do a link soon, thanks for starting this mama!!! :)

thejuel 02-17-2013 05:09 AM

We LOVE bamboo Sandy's. They look so soft and comfy under a Bummis pull on cover!

greengranny 02-17-2013 06:36 AM

Thanks for starting the thread!

Just got a nice stash if MEOS for dgs. I'll have to get an action shot of him in one later today.

Stacey, from iPhone using DS app

AHASRADA 02-17-2013 06:38 AM

Re: THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!
Love, love, love ME Sandy's, AIO and Bedwetter pants!

(I must say I did not feel the love for MEOS; not enough adjustability and the closure style just didn't seem to fit my dd's shape correctly.)

ME Sandy's: Our nighttime diap for over a year (once I finally tried them!) We started out with prefolds, then AIOs but she started to leak out of them as she got older, tried the MEOS, and eventually found a Sandy's at my local diaper store and gave it a try. Wow! I bought 3 more right away. I love the fit (perfect coverage), the fact that they absolutely never leaked (paired with a Sandy's stay-dry liner with a hemp doubler underneath), and they are just so thick a squishy, I just felt like I was putting something clean and wholesome on her that I knew wouldn't turn her into a soggy mess overnight!

AIO: I've used tons of AIOs for outings (OsoCozy, Bottombumpers, BGEs, etc.) and loved them each for their own reasons (esp. trimness), but they all had "leak limits" that, as she grew, no longer made them outing-safe. The ME AIOs are cut exactly the same as Sandy's, so the fit is perfect on her. Yes, they are a bit poofy, but they never leak! The generous sizing also leaves plenty of room to lay in extra liners, making them long-car-trip safe, as well as outing-safe! I use them for naps too, and sometimes even overnight. With a Thirsties Fab doubler (or Sandy's) and a hemp doubler under that, they are great at night too. The elastic is gentle enough that they can be pulled up and down for early potty learning, which is why I've invested in even more lately. As I approach the end of my cding days, I am phasing out prefolds and pockets and investing in more ME AIOs to simplify the diapering process, knowing they will serve double-duty as early trainers!

Bedwetter pants: When our L Sandy's started to get a little tight on my dd, I thought about getting the Toddlease size, but that would also mean buying more MEAF XL covers ($$). I was starting to get tired of the fitted-and-cover combo anyway, preferring a one-step diapering solution, especially as we move into potty learning, an easy pull-up style was preferable. I was hesitant to try the Bedwetter pant, because the crotch was much narrower than the Sandy's or AIO, I was afraid it would leak. Silly me! They absorb a ton, have never leaked, and are super easy: no stuffing, no laying in liners, nothing. Just pull it up, and she's set for the night!

I have tried a lot of diapers for the "cuteness" factor, bright colors, fun prints, etc., but the trade-off for the cuteness is usually leaks, or a ton of inconvenience in order to avoid leaks (extra stuffing, doublers, etc.) After spending almost a year trying tons of styles and brands, I came to love the simple functionality of ME products. No fads, no fashion, they just work! Thanks, ME!

nonipie 02-17-2013 07:06 AM

Re: THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!
I seriously LOVE Sandy's so much. They now make up the majority of our stash. My youngest ended up having the same sensitivity issues as my daughter but also is super huge with a very round tummy and reflux. So everything that worked for her he has already grown out of. My oldest was kinda big too but he had no sensitivities so he can't wear his pockets. So luckily we had 8 Sandy's from DD that I tried on him and they are perfect. Side snaps give room for the tummy and doesn't put pressure on it. The elastic is gentle on his thighs but doesn't let anything out.

We're kinda in between sizes right now. I wish they made a medium actually. The smalls still fit but are getting tight and the larges fit but are a little bulky. But they work so great I don't care. Under wool they are fantastic.

sweetest 02-17-2013 07:17 AM

Re: THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!
Brand new ME user here! The three lg Sandys I got from FSOT arrived on Friday, I prepped them and put them on yesterday. I love the fit. They are super bulky but they look so comfy on my LO (who is just over 20lbs).

I used them coverless yesterday (because I'm still trying to figure out what covers I want) and my baby's skin was perfect at every change. I've have 15 BG 4.0s and he does pretty well in those, but is definitely a little more red at diaper changes.

The BG 4.0s may become my diaper bag, daddy, and first morning poop diapers (the BG 4.0s are so easy to clean poop out of!) I may even sell a few of the 4.0s once I figure out the covers for the Sandys...

I'm not sure what I'm going to put over them for clothes though... does anyone use Sandy's during the day. Will I be able to fit 18 - 24 mo. rompers over these in the summer... (I live in a warm climate so it will be warm here soon!) I don't think I will be able to fit pants over them (which is fine because I really prefer one piece outfits for the first couple years...) Or maybe I should invest in some cute covers and let him run around town in just t-shirts :thumbsup:

I'm seriously considering looking for a Sm Sandys lot on FSOT to use for a while - do you think I would be able to use them for a while? Will there be a substantial difference in bulk? My guy is average all around... not skinny and not chunky.

Gosia_Cz 02-17-2013 07:27 AM

Re: THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!
I like Sandy's a lot. They are cute, soft and squishy and DS looks really comfortable in it. I tried it for overnight last night with SoftBums super pod ( didn't get the ME inserts yet) and wool cover and unfortunately it leaked, even through wool :( I still like the idea though and will try with hemp or bamboo tonight!

Skybaby712 02-17-2013 08:22 AM

Ooh I love these threads :) I will definitely post action shots when DD wakes up. I used to love both the MEOS and Sandys. I had a rainbow, but DD had a growth spurt and the MEOS started fitting funny so I sold them :banghead: The MEOS are perfect for night. They are shaped so that you can stuff any amount of doublers in there and still have no gaping.

I just absolutely love my Sandys though! They are perfect for us. I love the colors and the sidesnaps. I have the cotton terry and they wash up well and dry about as fast as a pf. DD sits on the potty a few times a day and these are easy to pull up and down.

I also love my MEAF. That thing was kind of ugly lol, but it NEVER LEAKED and was actually breathable. I loved how it perfectly fit around my sandys. I sold it though because DD outgrew it, but I'm thinking about getting more in a larger size.

***Anyone go through PL with the Sandys and MEAF? Is it easy for your LO to pull up and down or is it too much with a fitted+cover? Right now is use wool and fleece pants which work great, but I kind of want an escuse to buy more covers :giggle2:

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