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wordbox 02-17-2013 09:39 PM

Mini Minimalist Challenge: 2/18-2/22
The Mini Minimalist Challenge runs each week from Monday-Friday. Weekends can be used as catch up days, and would be a great time to drop off donations. Before & After pictures (or any other progress photos) are encouraged!

I will post the entire 5 days all at once, in case you would like to plan ahead or work out of order. Keep in mind that not all challenges will be relevant for every person or every home. If you find a challenge that does not need to be done, or is in an area of your home that you do not have, either consider it a day off or focus on an area that you really do need to work on.

If you're feeling extra motivated, this is also a good time to wipe down surfaces or vacuum areas that don't usually get much attention. You can consolidate items, eliminate packaging, or reorganize while working on the challenge in that area... but it's okay if you don't!

The goal will be to purge 5 things from each area. You may find more and you may find less, but you want to aim for at least 5 whenever possible. If you stick to just the minimum, you will purge 25 things from your home every week! Comment with your progress and to encourage others, and share with us your successes and struggles.

If you are new, feel free to jump right in where you are! Don't feel like you need to backtrack or catch up to us.

Week #8

Monday 2.18.13: Purge 5 items from bath toys and other bath stuff (towels, wash cloths, shampoos, body washes, etc.). This would be a great time to clean your kids' bath toys, too.

Tuesday 2.19.13: Purge 5 items from your medicine and first aid supplies.

Wednesday 2.20.13: Purge 5 (non-food) items from your kitchen. Let's all focus this week on getting our countertops cleared off so we can keep them that way! Pictures encouraged. :)

Thursday 2.21.13: Purge 5 items from your purse and/or diaper bag. Restock items that you're low on, such as diapers or wipes or spare outfits. This would also be a great time to go through your bags and purge any that you don't use. Don't forget wallets, reusable bags, lunch sacks, etc.

Friday 2.22.13: Your choice! This might become an every Friday task. Purge 5 items from a problem area. Focus on an area that you've been procrastinating on, that you pretend doesn't exist, that has gotten out of control, or that feels like it is too big for you to tackle because it overwhelms you. We can do it.

BONUS TASK #1: Do you have something (or some things) that you've been meaning to sell? Time to do it. List it for sale, or opt to donate it instead so that it isn't taking up space anymore.

BONUS TASK #2: Clean your kitchen windows.

BONUS TASK #3: Drop off your donations or schedule a pick-up time to have them taken away. Let's get those things out of our houses (and cars).

wordbox 02-17-2013 09:56 PM

Re: Mini Minimalist Challenge: 2/18-2/22
I'm going to post all of the challenges I've posted so far. If you're looking for something else to work on, are just joining and want to purge more, or if this week's challenges aren't your cup of tea, here's more that we've done already.

* 5 holiday items
* 5 items from your bathroom drawers/cabinets
* 5 items from your desk/office/mail space
* 5 items from your pantry
* 5 items from your laundry room
* 5 items from your cleaning supplies
* 5 items from your purse and/or diaper bag
* 5 items from kids' closets
* 5 items from your children's toys and books
* 5 items from your diapering supplies
* 5 items from your own closet
* 5 items from your living room
* 5 items from your entryway area
* 5 items from your car
* 5 items from a non-clothes closet
* 5 items from your inbox, or unsubscribe from 5 mailings
* 5 items from your fridge or freezer
* 5 items from your craft supplies
* 5 items from your kitchen drawers or cabinets
* 5 items from your beauty supplies
* 5 media items (DVDs, CDs, etc.)
* 5 items from your dishes and utensils
* 5 items from your pet supplies
* 5 books
* 5 items from your photos or scrapbooking supplies
* 5 items from your power cords & chargers
* 5 items from your shoes and other outdoor accessories (hats, sunglasses, mittens, etc.)
* 5 items from your jewelry box/accessories
* 5 items from your bedroom nightstands, dressers, and shelves (or from any other area in your bedroom that needs it)
* 5 (more) items from your kids' toys
* 5 items of paper clutter
* 5 items from a bedroom that needs attention
* 5 items from a closet of your choice
* 5 items from your dining room
* 5 items from an area of your choice

Bonus Tasks that we've done so far:
* Pick one room and wipe down the windows (don't get too picky, just what you can easily get to) and then dust the sills.
* Give your front door(s) a good wipe down, and clear off your front porch (sweep and/or shovel, and put away anything that shouldn't be there). It's the first thing people see as they come into your home.
* Lift up those couch cushions and take a look at what might be lurking in there. Get out the vacuum and clean them up well. This would also be a good time to check out what's underneath the couch and vacuum under there, too.
* Finish a project that needs finishing (whether it's a household project, or a craft project, or anything of that nature). Devote some time this week to get it done.

wordbox 02-18-2013 12:10 PM

Re: Mini Minimalist Challenge: 2/18-2/22
I'm going to give DS an early bath (I have a class this evening, we usually do baths before bed) so DH doesn't have to while I'm gone and while he has the baby, too. So that will be a nice surprise for him, and my son can play for a longer time, and while he plays I'm going to do today's challenge.

I already know I'll be able to get rid of 3 or 4 squirting bath toys. DS got them as a gift over the holidays and I normally don't like having them (the water inside and mold factor gross me out). Since he got the pack of them and was pretty excited, my idea was to just give him one at a time and then toss each one after a week or two, but then DH gave him the rest of the pack one night so now I'll just have to toss them all, haha. Oh well.

slimy72 02-18-2013 12:20 PM

Re: Mini Minimalist Challenge: 2/18-2/22
I need to take a shower today so that is my plan. I know dh has two empty shaving cream cans in there that he never bothers to toss. I think the toys are pretty minimal but I''ll take a look. I[m going to try and do the first aid drawer today too. I'm sick today but I am not at work. So if I can work up the energy to go do something it's a double win. The rest of the week when I'm working I don't get a lot of de cluttering done.

loganzmama 02-18-2013 03:46 PM

Not really bath stuff but I went through my makeup & nail polish as well as 2 drawers in bathroom, found 26 items to get rid of. Mostly were small items like eye liner, lip gloss, ect so didnt really stand out but still that is alot of stuff I wasnt using!! I also was able to get my son (who is autistic) to go through & get rid of about 15 of his magazines. Which is AWESOME bc he is very attached to them, he spends a ton of time looking at them. If I did it when he wasnt around & even got rid of 1 he would KNOW & look for it everywhere & would have a meltdown when he couldnt find it (havr found this out firsthand:( )so I let him do it when he wants to even if that means 50 magazines in his bin that he has for them. :)

wolffie 02-18-2013 06:47 PM

Re: Mini Minimalist Challenge: 2/18-2/22
I've been slacking on keeping up with you guys. I've been trying to get ready for a spring/summer kids consignment sale. I'm trying to jump in with what I can.

Monday 2.18.13: Purge 5 items from bath toys and other bath stuff - I only had one item to purge from the kids bath toys but I did make sure that a bunch of non bath toys got back to their appropriate places. DONE!

Tuesday 2.19.13: Purge 5 items from your medicine and first aid supplies.

Wednesday 2.20.13: Purge 5 (non-food) items from your kitchen. - I needed to make room in a cabinet for some bottles, and breast feeding (milk storage) items. In the process I got rid of a bunch of plastic kids cups and misc kids food items that were missing lids. DONE!

Thursday 2.21.13: Purge 5 items from your purse and/or diaper bag.

Friday 2.22.13: Your choice!

MSmith88 02-18-2013 07:14 PM

Monday: bath toys/stuff... got rid of 12 squirt toys and some baby wash that she can't use anymore. I did add a few new toys for the bath.

Tuesday: Not really meds or anything but I got rid of 8 bottles of lotion I had received as gifts that I will never use.

Wednesday: I haven't done the kitchen yet. That was in the plan for this weekend and it just didn't happen. However, we have big plans to purge A TON of stuff and just leave enough for a day.

Thursday: I cleaned out the diaper bag. Took out all the extras (mostly trash).

Friday: I cleaned out DD's room and play room. WOW.

Ready to see what I purged this week?? 8 packing boxes, two tubs, a trash can, and three baby toys that don't fit in boxes. YAYYY!

PS... I didn't get rid of the sweet blue eyed baby :)

P!nkPepper 02-18-2013 07:50 PM

Week #8

Monday 2.18.13:
We only have 2 bath toys so we will keep those :giggle:
1 lotion
1 shampoo
1 conditioner
1 shower gel
1 nose aspirator
1 pair of old tweezers

Tuesday 2.19.13:
1 expired box of control solution for glucose meters
1 bottle of eyedrops

Wednesday 2.20.13:
1 magic bullet knockoff
1 plastic bowl
1 Broken pepper mill
1 glass bread pan (don't need 3)
1 casserole dish (don't need 4)

Thursday 2.21.13: cleaned out purse, it is already pretty minimal. Tossed a bunch of trash though.

Friday 2.22.13: Your choice! We did DS2's toys. He is turned 5 today. 5 were donated, 5 sets sent to Grammy's house and I told him however many presents he gets, he must donate that many. One comes in, one goes out!

Jodie ~ mama to Big K, Medium K & Lil' k

wordbox 02-20-2013 03:15 PM

Re: Mini Minimalist Challenge: 2/18-2/22
How's everyone doing? I've done 2 of the challenges so far, going to do 2 more in a little while. I'll post photos later!

rawheid 02-20-2013 03:54 PM

Re: Mini Minimalist Challenge: 2/18-2/22
Doing good here. Not necessarily following the list but I'm back at it and that's all that matters.

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