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anj 02-18-2013 04:09 PM

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All sold or traded. Thanks!

I'm selling these as lots only at this time.

Lot #1 is five pull on covers. We used these over trainers for going out. Three medium dappis with a few slightly yellowed areas and one pen mark on the inside. One medium bumpkins. No stains, but some loose threads at the legs and waist. One pink 18 month gerber vinyl cover. Worn once or twice. 8ppd for all five.

SOLD! Lot #2 is 6 hanna andersson trainers size xs. Bought new and worn for about a week. Light staining inside one trainer, otherwise euc. I haven't tried to remove the stain so it may sun out. 24ppd for the lot.

Lot 3 is three cheapo eBay trainers in size 80. These hold drips, not floods, but do a a waterproof layer in the wrt zone. Also included are 8 homemade trainers. Cotton knit receiving blankets were recycled for the outer print. One layer of pul under four layers of hemp/cotton jersey. Cotton velour inners. One of these is cut smaller than the others due to a serging error. The smaller one has a stain inside. One other has two small rust? spots inside. These are a 2 to 3T. I am not a seamstress so there are some areas of not so pretty sewing and serging, but these worked quite well for us. $30ppd for all.

SOLD! Lot 4 is 4 pairs of Imse Vimse trainers. These are well loved and were worn by all three of my kiddos. No stains, but they are slightly dingy and have some small holes in the knit over fabric particularly at the waistband. I tried to photograph this. The waist elastic is probably looser than it started off, but these stayed up on my 2 year old. (She is 5th percentile for wt and 25th for ht.). $15ppd.

I also have three fleece topped hemp jersey doublers and two wet bags (one homemade) that I will include for $3 with any other lot. We used the doublers to tuck in regular undies before leaving the house.

mommy2sammy 02-19-2013 05:21 PM

Which lots have pul in them? I'm looking to use them over pfs until training and then as trainers. Thanks!

anj 02-19-2013 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by mommy2sammy
Which lots have pul in them? I'm looking to use them over pfs until training and then as trainers. Thanks!

The imse vimse and homemade trainers have a hidden partial layer of pul, but have cotton outers. They would be really thick over prefolds and would wick badly. They briefly hold one pee, but really won't work as covers. I would try to find a stuffable pocket trainer. I think happy heiny's makes some. They would work as a cover as long as you snappi or pin the pf and then you could stuff with pf's to use as trainers.

You could buy the lot of pull-on covers to use over prefolds. I'm open to offers. Is your little one close to potty training? I can give you a good deal on the covers plus some trainers. I don't mind mixing lots. Good luck!

anj 02-22-2013 09:53 AM

Hanna and Imse Vimse trainers sold. Make me an offer on the rest. I would really like these gone!

anj 02-25-2013 10:27 PM

Bump. Lowball offers accepted as long as they cover shipping plus a bonus latte for me. :)


hlucas777 03-28-2013 09:15 PM

Pmed Ya

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