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canadianbakers 02-23-2013 07:57 AM

April 2013 Baby Births!
Our April 2013 Babies

Nathaniel Jackson
March 8th at 6:18pm
5lbs 6oz, 17.5"

34wk 5d
Meg (RunawayBunny)

Tessie Irelynn
March 15th at 11:01pm
4lbs 15oz, 19"

35wk 6d

Harper Amelia
March 17th
7lbs 10oz

37wk 2d
Eli (E_Sage)

Rachel Grace
March 20th at 4:41pm
7lbs 3.5oz, 20"

38wk 2d
Beth (4dramamama)

Victoria Mae
March 24th at 8:09am
5lbs 11oz, 18.5"

38wk 2d
Nicki (melilo)

Alexandra Natalie
March 25th at 8:21am
7lbs 3oz, 20.5"

38wk 5d
Margie (mibarra)

Kip Oliver
March 26th at 5:34am
7lbs 12oz

Jessica (jessicanashville)

Bennett Lane
March 27th at 3:32am
7lb 11oz, 19.25"

Cecili (momneedsupport)

Grayson Samuel
March 27th at 4:46am
7lbs 12oz

Kendall Marie (KendallMarie)

Adela Kendall
March 29th at 9:51pm
6lbs 12.5oz, 19"

38wk 5d

Madelyn Grace
March 30th at 9:54pm
7lbs 5oz

39wk 3d
Janelle (Janelle)

Eli Thomas
March 31st at 2:50pm
8lbs 7oz

39wk 4d
Molly (mollyj931)

Aaron James
April 1st
9lbs 1.5oz, 21.5"

Meg (KumfyKozies)

Rosalie Jane
April 2nd
8lbs, 20.5"

Sarah (SarahBk)

Molly Amelia
April 3rd at 6:44pm
7lbs 2oz, 19.75"

37wk 3d
Erin (USNsis)

Penelope Jade
April 4th at 2:05pm
39wk 5d
Sonya (MrsStripe)

Nicholas Ellsworth
April 4th at 3:14pm
7lbs 8oz, 20"

39wk 3d

Abel Beckom
April 5th at 10:45am
7lbs 6oz, 18.75"

37wk 2d
Ashley (Blessed2005)

Silas Jude
April 5th at 8:14pm
8lbs, 21.75"

40wk 5d
Laura (NappyChappy)

Kaelan Nichole
April 6th at 2:05am
6lbs 3oz

38wk 1d
Ashley (TCKmom)

Ezra Christian
April 6th at 9:42am
8lbs 1oz

39wk 3d
Stacie (birdinhand)

Caleb Peter
April 6th at 5:56pm
10lbs 1oz, 22"

40wk 1d

Jace Thomas
April 8th at 2:42am
8lbs 9oz

40wk 2d
Megan (nursenmom)

Luke Russett
April 8th at 3:20am
7lbs 2oz, 20"

40wk 1d
Emily (EmilytheStrange)

Lydia Ann
April 9th
7lbs 13oz, 21"

39wk 6d
April (sunnygirlmomof6)

Lincoln Avery
April 10th at 5:38am
8lbs 13oz, 21"

Lacy (LacyHolly)

Lorenzo John
April 10th at 7:37am
8lbs 12oz, 21.5"

40wk 1d

April 11th
38wk 5d
Veronica (babyrosie)

Samson Morris
April 11th at 2:33pm
8lbs 7oz, 20.5"


Nova Josephine
April 12th at 4:07pm
8lbs 15oz, 20.5"

40wk 5d
Rina (rverrone11)

April 13th
38wk 1d
Andrea (andrea020611)

Brigit Alexandria
April 13th at 3:13am
7lbs 14oz, 20"

40wk 5d
Sarah (Southern Momma)

Piper Ann
April 13th at 11:35pm
8lbs 3oz, 21.5"

39wk 6d
Elena (canadianbakers)

Holland Grace
April 14th at 3:04pm
7lbs 13oz, 20.5"

40wk 2d
Stacey (delicatefade)

Arie Edward
April 14th at 7:22pm
9lbs 5oz, 22"

39wk 1d

Thoren James
April 15th at 11:27pm
8lbs 8oz, 20"

38wk 6d
Kirsten (kcannon)

Adella Joy & Bria Grace
April 16th at 6:26 & 6:30pm
5lbs 12oz & 6lbs

39wk 3d
Brook (bai18176)

Harper Lee
April 19th at 9:45pm
7lbs 1oz, 21"

39wk 4d
Alison (dagmomma)

Angel Cheyenna
April 20th
6lbs 12oz, 21"


Thorben Christopher
April 20th at 6:53am
10lbs 2oz, 20"

41wk 1d
Sara (sbadger)

Harper Madison Grace
April 20th at 12:29pm
8lbs 8oz, 20"

Yvonne (vonnief)

Aubree Elaine
April 24th at 5:36pm
8lbs 9oz, 20.5"

40wk 3d
Denise (mommy2wyatt)

Luna Rose
May 8th at 10:55am
10lbs 8oz, 20.75"

41wk 4d

Chandler Elliana
May 8th at 3:24pm
7lbs 14oz, 20.5"

Tiffany (Clothobsessed2010)

May 9th
7lbs 13oz

41wk 2d
Jenine (

melilo 02-25-2013 10:27 AM

Re: April 2013 Baby Births!
Wow, you had me scared there for a second! Thought we already had a baby! Phew!

canadianbakers 02-25-2013 10:57 AM

Re: April 2013 Baby Births!
:) Nope, not yet! But with the mamas having contractions all ready and that it's nearly March :thud: I thought I'd get kind of a template started for when we need it!
I both can and can not wait to start adding babies here!!!! No early ones, but we're getting so close!!!

Mom2Connor 03-02-2013 05:25 PM

Hopefully y'all stick around to add us late April babies to the official list lol !

canadianbakers 03-02-2013 08:56 PM

Re: April 2013 Baby Births!
:) Of course we will! We'll have the board until April 2014 mamas start coming along, so a few months anyways, to chat on still!

canadianbakers 03-09-2013 07:50 AM

Re: April 2013 Baby Births!
:wub: 1st april babe - welcome Nathaniel!

Southern Momma 03-09-2013 11:20 AM

Re: April 2013 Baby Births!
Oh wow! Congratulations, Meg!!!!!! :D

USNsis 03-10-2013 08:53 PM

Re: April 2013 Baby Births!
Yay, congratulations!!

canadianbakers 03-20-2013 09:21 PM

Re: April 2013 Baby Births!
:wub: adding these babies to our list!

If you see a mistake, want to add anything, or I miss anyone - just let me know!

clothdiapercrunchy 03-22-2013 03:31 PM

Re: April 2013 Baby Births!
im from May DDC (Due May 3rd) and Im so so so so so soooooo jealous. LOL This lil girl needs to cook a tad longer but man, Im jealous! LOL

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