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NYMommy04 02-23-2013 09:13 AM

Micro preemies?
I have a 28 weeker who is now 5m act 2m adj. He has severe hearing loss. Any other mamas out there that can relate?

mibarra 02-23-2013 09:32 AM

DD1 is hearing impaired. There are many options. We use some sign, but got cochlear implants and do primarily oral language. Cochlear Implants are not approved until 1 year, so Id start learning and using American Sign Language immediately either way. Feel free to PM me with questions. Find an Early Intervention Program that specializes in hearing loss, and a good ENT and Audiologists with pediatric experience.

jen_batten 02-23-2013 10:21 AM

Re: Micro preemies?
There's also an early arrivals section that may be able to relate to a lot of what you are going through/have gone through.

Hope your little guy does great!

KLadyBugMama 02-24-2013 02:52 PM

I'm deaf and there's more options than ASL and oral. PM me for more info or post here :)

NYMommy04 02-24-2013 03:58 PM

Re: Micro preemies?
We go back for repeat abr next month. We have an awesome ent and I'm not too keen on the hearing place, but trying a new one in march. We do have a day program I found at st. Mary's school for the deaf. ENT said risks outweigh benefits with the germ factor. lil man cant do daycare fore the same reason. I had to quit work to stay with him... What are other options?? I would love to be well educated and not forced into something..

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