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mamasab 02-24-2013 02:04 PM

I need some outside perspective
I have 2 kids on the autism spectrum. So its pretty much a given that I am paranoid about kid #3. DS2 just turned 13 months and I am legitimately worried about him...I need to hear from others to know if I am just being paranoid or if I'm right to be worried.
Here is the rundown:
-does not wave hello/goodbye
-says mama and dada but no other words
-isn't pointing
-isn't using any other gestures like shaking head
-doesn't like being read to
-screams to be held allllllll the time. Little interest in playing for the most part because he would rather just be in my lap.

Things that are great:
-fine and gross motor seem to be right on target.
-eats everything, no food sensory issues like my other 2
-great eye contact
-likes peek a boo

I fear that the things he does have, he will lose when he hits 15-18 months. My other two were still on target with development at 12 months, then regressed. So I know what a typical kid at this age is like and I'm just not seeing him as typical right now...i feel more like he is a 9 month old or something. Which makes me fear that he will regress and end up even worse off.

Am I crazy? Am I so used to dealing with special needs that I'm seeing a problem where it doesn't exist? Our am I being realistic, especially considering family history?

mekat 02-24-2013 02:23 PM

Re: I need some outside perspective
Have you seen a geneticist? After the second child was diagnosed your ped should have referred you to one. Autism definitely has a genetic component and can run in some families. If you are planning on having any more children a genetic consult is something you definitely need to do although honestly I would pursue it either way just so you can get a better picture of your children's future.

I'm not sure about the developmental aspect. It has been a long time since I had a baby and my only child has severe global developmental delays from infancy onward.

mibarra 02-24-2013 03:36 PM

With 2 kids on the spectrum already Id definitely get an evaluation from early intervention. It's possible he has a sensory processing disorder or something like that. Good luck!!

Suzi 02-24-2013 05:48 PM

Re: I need some outside perspective
If I was in your shoes I would probably go from the assumption that he will be on the spectrum somewhere. Keep looking into what they recommend to improve communication in that age and whatever other areas you are worried about.

isabelsmummy 02-26-2013 12:46 AM

Re: I need some outside perspective
I think both. You are possibly reading more into the situation than is there and you are being realistic.

If you didn't have the other two children, I would say #3 sounds very typical. My nerotypical dd1 didn't wave, talk or point at that age. She didn't really love books until she was a fair bit older.

What is your household like - I wonder if he would rather be in your lap because he find the goings on of his older siblings just a bit too much to handle?

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