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bananaclip 03-11-2013 08:37 PM

Bad hospital, I might just stay home
I got some bad news today. I have a fear of IVs and well medical equipment in general. I have passed out twice in my life, both due to just looking at my own IVs. I almost passed out visiting a friend in the hospital, she had a lot of tubes going on. I have never passed out otherwise.

I asked if I could have no medical intervention, no IV or Heplock, until or if they are needed and I explained my irrational fear. Doctor said no. THEN the doctor said, "And if you do pass out you will probably be C-sectioned". I said, "This is crazy, I am telling you I could pass out, probably will if you give me an IV, as it happened the other two times I was IVed, and you are telling me tough luck and then you say, Oh by the way you'll be c-sectioned if you pass out!" She was unapologetic about the policy.

I have Kaiser, so I have no idea who will be there when I deliver.

I am thinking of just not going/getting a hotel nearby and going at the last minute. If I know it is very likely I will pass out due to hours spent looking at and feeling the heplock and thus be sectioned, so why risk a C-section.

Does anyone know a lawyer in Southern CA who deals with medical ...issues? I have to do something. It seems crazy the hospital would knowingly do something to me that will cause me distress and which would cause them to automatically C-section me, even if the baby was fine. I need a lawyer. This is madness. I even called the hospital and they said, "tough ****". I was so happy and unafraid to give birth, now I am terrified and sad :(

3 ladybugs 03-11-2013 08:46 PM

Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home
You need to bring that up the chain of command. I have a cousin that faints at eye exams. Seriously she is ALWAYS fainting. Now she has never had a child, but I would think if you were planning on have a no intervention delivery then it wouldn't be an issue. I don't see why you would need an IV as a precaution.

I know my situation is COMPLETELY different but I am having a C-section with this baby. I had a central line put in when I got my chemo and I have spent more money then I would like to admit, to keep it in me. My OB told me that the anesthesiologist doesn't want to use my port (central line) and wants me to get an IV for the delivery. I said to her that I get scars with IV's and this was the only reason why I was keeping my port (that and the whole fear of the cancer coming back). She then said that I could talk to the anesthesiologist as a pre-delivery consult and see if they would relent. I mean I have had general through my port, it is a gold standard as far as IV's are concerned. I am also going to see if my oncologist can put pressure on them for this silly thing that they are dealing with.

My point is, sometimes you can talk to the people involved, and they can help you. I don't know if I will be successful and THANK GOD I don't have the issues my cousin has, but I would fight on this issue.

Good luck! :hugs:

canadianbakers 03-11-2013 08:51 PM

Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home
They can't do an IV without your consent, so no matter what they're telling you, just keep saying "no". Unfortunately, it does mean you'll be saying it a lot. :(

With a normal vaginal birth an IV isn't necessary. If you want an epidural, they would require one. And they want IV access with VBACs as well. (not saying you're in either category there, just saying that it's not standard for a vaginal birth)

Leiiki 03-11-2013 08:55 PM

So sorry you're having to deal with this!

My suggestion is to write up a birth plan that states "NO IV UNLESS MEDICALLY NECESSARY." Make your doctor sign it ASAP. Make everyone at the hospital read and acknowledge it when you arrive in L&D. Having a doula seems like a good idea, too, so she/he can deal with enforcement of your wishes and take the stress off of you.

If you have no complications, an IV should not be standard.

eahcapemay 03-12-2013 03:18 PM

Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home
I just said "no" to the iv. They gave me the the "you or the baby could die" speech. I didn't even have to sign anything. Just said no a few times and we moved on. But I showed up 9cm and in transition so there wasn't a lot of time for them to hassle me. Just be warned that if they always do IVs then they may have issues giving you meds afterwards. The hospital I was at has a few meds they give after birth and it was a bit of drama to figure out how to get them in me. Eventually I had to have an injection and take a pill for three days. This time I plan to refuse those meds as well.

gingerpeachee 03-12-2013 03:40 PM

Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home
Just say no. They have absolutely no right to put anything in your body including an IV without your consent. They might make you sign an AMA form, they may try to bully you, look them straight in the face and say "This is not up for discussion, If you attempt to push the issue or force me you will be facing assault and battery charges." Don't discuss it with your doctor too much.... he's already told you how he feels, but he can't deny care to you while you're in labor (as long as CA is like NY) without first finding you a doctor who IS willing to provide care for you.

TobinsTreasures 03-12-2013 04:08 PM

Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home
How far along are you? Can you consider a birthing center as an option?

canadianbakers 03-12-2013 04:15 PM

Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home

Originally Posted by Leiiki (Post 16385747)
My suggestion is to write up a birth plan that states "NO IV UNLESS MEDICALLY NECESSARY."

:yeahthat: to the birth plan, but I wouldn't bother with the "unless medically necessary" part there - that just gives them an "out". I would state "No IV without my consent."

missdawn25 03-12-2013 04:17 PM

Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home
Can you change dr's to a midwife? You can tell them no, it is your body. Like others have said they will tell you you will both probabally die and they will not be responsible and may have you sign a letter saying you are going against medical advice. When I was started labor with my second I was 36 weeks and they wanted to give me meds to stop my labor. I ultimately said no, that I was fine ( I know when I conceived and was 37 weeks). I was asked to sign a AMA letter. She was born exactally a week later and was fine. They will try and scare you, they are afraid of the liability. If you are healthy, drinking fluids, and noting goes wrong there is no need you you to have an IV. You could have a backup plan, maybe look away and try to be distracted as they place it then cover with sleeves? You could also sign something to say you will not consent to a section if you pass out from looking at the IV, unless you do not come to in a specified amout of time?

kittenbaby77 03-12-2013 04:23 PM

Why don't u deliver your lo in a birthing center? So long u have a low risk pregnancy. I am scared of IV too and also passed out once with blood drawn due to the needle ( I guess) lol. I would suggest that since u have kaiser insurance, and me too btw, that u can ask for delivering in their birthing center with the midwives. U can also consider home birth. After all, women are capable to give births as well as breadtfeeding. GL

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