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betsybikes 03-19-2013 10:48 PM

My 20 month DD is super excited to use her little potty!! She has been going pp a lot and even poo in the potty. This weekend she wore diapers only at naps and wore just leggings the rest of the time.

However, they are mostly mommy initiated trips and she is still struggling to pull her pants up and down. She lets me know if she has pooped in her diaper, but doesn't let me know before.

We pretty much had a PT fail with DS. Like 18 months of on again off again. He really didn't mind being dirty. Finally when he was a little over 3 he snuck off to go poo in the potty when we were at a friends house and then trained within a month or so.

I would like to avoid the long, drawn out stops and starts we experienced with DS. She seems much more excited about pottying, more bothered by messes and more encouraged by positive reinforcement.

Any hints for the next steps? I want to make sure to keep the momentum going, but not sure how to encourage her to be potty independent.

I work outside the home, so 3 days of naked time only works for the weekends. DCP is supportive, but DD has no interest in going at day care??

Thanks in advance for your help.

cpamamma 03-21-2013 02:02 PM

I would try the oh crap method. You totally ditch diapers, start naked, then move to commando, then undies. Your DD is already ahead of the game and probably just needs that little push.

RachEwen 03-22-2013 10:33 PM

Re: Lots of interest - whats next?
She is for sure ahead of the game. My 20 month old doesn't pee or poo on the potty, and has no interest in it at all!
Be weary of using the 'oh crap' method, sometimes they can regress. At this age I would just keep doing what your doing.
I've noticed girls are much easier to PT than boys.
Try leaving her in easy to remove clothes (shirts or dresses with leg warmers, diaper with leg warmers) not sure what kind of climate you live in but here, it gets cold and snows, so we just sit on the potty (even though nothing actually happens) before we go out, put a diaper on her and offer to go to the potty at the store or where ever we go just in case.
But then again, she's already doing amazing! I wouldn't worry too much!

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