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Almacham 03-20-2013 10:51 AM

Another UTI
Last night, before bed, I went to the bathroom and suddenly experienced the familiar burning, pressure, and needing to pee every two seconds. :banghead: I had a UTI a few weeks ago.

Does this mean I will have recurrent UTI's throughout this pregnancy? I've never had them in my life until now!

~Cricket~ 03-20-2013 11:16 AM

Re: Another UTI
They can be more common in pregnancy. :( It could also be that your last round of antibiotics didn't actually clean that infection up all the way. This could be the same infection just coming back.
Did you get the "preventative" run-down? Drink lots, try cranberry juice, take probiotics, never hold it too long, be sure you empty all the way, wipe from front to back, and always pee after sex.

Hope that helps!

happy2beamom 03-20-2013 07:11 PM

Re: Another UTI
Well, i hadn't had one in close to 9 years and this pregnancy i've had it twice already :banghead: The first time and the second time were 6 weeks apart. I've taken amox. both times. I'm hoping it doesn't continue :banghead: I don't usually take antibiotics :yuck:

And, TMI, it isn't the not peeing after sex that is causing it since that ain't happenin' :blush: The doc thinks that it just might be the way the uterus is laying and hopefully once the pressure is off it'll go away. But, i'm 19 weeks today, so ....

Almacham 03-24-2013 09:57 AM

Re: Another UTI
Thanks ladies.

Happy2beamom, I hope that your uti issues resolve soon. It really sucks. :(

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