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jkempmcm 03-20-2013 06:06 PM

Kids Party Service
I'm considering starting a small home business - a kids party service where I bring the party - everything - to the client's home. I'm talking costumes, activities, gift bags, light food, cupcakes etc. Thinking of starting with Princess Tea Party, Pirate Party and Fairy Garden Party. I set up, run a 1.5 hr party for 8-10 kids (ages 4-7ish) and take it all down. I LOVE party planning for my own two kids - I plan months in advance and make LOTS of stuff. We go to expensive kids parties all year round, and friends say they would definitely pay someone to do all that work for them. Are they just blowing smoke? There is a woman, just out of my area who does very fancy parties - for about $6-700 minimum per party. I would charge less since I live in a less affluent area - out of the city, but still, if I were competitive in price with the sorts of parties parents are booking in my area, this could work.

My mom would front me the start of costs, so what do I have to loose? Just scared it won't work out. I currently teach part time, so I have lots of non working time to devote to this endeavor. I've checked out how to run s small business - done HOURS of planning, note taking, window shopping, price comparing etc.

For those of you who have started a small business on your own, what advice can you offer? THanks!

Also, would YOU pay for this sort of service?

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