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Hannah24 03-26-2013 09:29 AM

A few questions
I am still new at cloth diapering and I'm still building my stash. I am doing pockets and hybrids. I have heard that hemp is very absorbent? I have a heavy wetter. Also what is a good brand and where is the best place to buy online?
My next question is can I wash my homemade flannel wipes with the rest of my diapers or do they need to be washed separate? And I made microfleece liners to put on the diaper when we go out so it is easier to deal with poop can I wash those with my diapers too?

vansen19 03-28-2013 10:10 AM

Re: A few questions
Diaper Chatter Thread should have posted links to well-liked cloth diaper stores on line, some have free shipping, some have better sales, you'll need to browse alittle. we love thirsties hemp prefolds here, we use them alone in pocket diapers when going out, very trim and absorbent. otherwise cotton is our go to dipe at home, changing every 2-3 hrs. babykicks are another popular hemp insert.

you can wash everything "cloth diaper" together! some mamas even wash mama cloth and breast pads with their dipes, best to you~

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