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steph410 03-26-2013 06:25 PM

Birth Stories
Do we have a thread just for birth stories?
Since many of us have already given birth I thought it might be fun to put all the birth stories in one place? I love to read them!

RunawayBunny 03-26-2013 07:45 PM

At 21 weeks I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta. At 28 weeks it was a confirmed placenta previa. At 31 weeks I had my first bleed, was hospitalized for a day, given a steroid shot, and put on bed rest at home. At 34 weeks my MFM said my ultrasound looked great and that I would likely make it to a scheduled 37 week c-sec. So my DH went home to Alabama and I stayed at my mom's. 2 days later I had more minor bleeding which my OB attributed to the ultrasound. And at 34w5d I started hemorrhaging blood.

At noon I ate lunch and put on another episode of Star Trek. Before the opening music had time to play I felt blood coming. I (hardly) made it to the bathroom and stayed there until my mom got home. I lost quite a bit of blood (though luckily never required a transfusion). I got to the hospital and of course my doc is in surgery, but he told the nurse that I should be prepped for an emergency c-sec. I called my DH who got on the next plane out of Alabama. My mom setup care for DS overnight. My MIL started the two hour drive out to the hospital. My mom and mil were awesome and helped keep my nerves down. 6 hours later I went in for my baby's birth. DH did not make it, but my mom was great support.

DS2 was born and taken to the nicu almost immediately. I did get to see him up close and kiss his little head. My mom followed him to the nicu. After I was stitched up I went recovery where my mil was waiting. Eventually my mom came back and prepped me on the condition that Nate was in. Even after seeing the pics of him with the life support equipment on, I bawled pretty hard when they wheeled my stretcher in to see him. The next time I saw him was 12 hours later. My dh arrived an hour after I went to recovery. I started trying to pump 6 hours after birth.

To make a long story short, we had a lot of trials (from respiratory to learning to eat) and I spent about ten hours in the nicu every day. 17 days later he came home 100% breastfeeding with no monitors or oxygen. It wasn't the "husband coached" child birth I had envisioned when we started TTC, but I am so very thankful for my lifesaving, medical intervention-full birth story.

dagmomma 03-26-2013 08:25 PM

Re: Birth Stories
DS1--I was uneducated, silly, and accomadating to every one else but myself. I let my Dr strip my membranes and once my mucous plug came out my mother, father, sister, and her 2 kids all showed up at my house that night (they lived 6hrs away at the time). It was a bit much for my dh and I to take. The next day my sister had me walking up and down mountains--yes mountains--I lived in WV at the time. I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep. My sister would not let me bc she had to go home the next day bc she had to go to work and she wanted to see the baby. So we went to the mall and walked bc I said no more mountains. At the mall I kept getting contractions and I knew I was fine but my sister and mother bullied me into going to the hospital. So we went and of course I was not in labour. But the dr offered to induce me the next day. I talked to dh and he agreed bc he had to go on the road for work the following week and this would be convenient for him. It was convenient for my mother bc she was only there for 2 weeks and the sooner I had the baby the sooner she could help me. My father had to drive my sister and her sons back the same morning as the induction.

Well--induction was horrible--dh was upset about the overwhelming family and the pushy big sister and bc my father had to take my sister home nobody was there to watch my dogs and my mother was insulted when I asked her to go back to my house to watch them. Oh and after 26 hrs on pitocin and an epi that did not work I had a c/s.

I was just happy that I had a beautiful healthy baby boy. I had major mom guilt though that did not go away until ds 2 came around,

DS2 had low amniotic fluid throughout. If I did not have a c/s with ds1 I would have never elected to have one with ds2 even with the low fluid. I just kept getting signs and feelings on what would be best. So I went with my gut and I decided to get a repeat c/s. Well the morning it was scheduled I went into labor and was 6 cm dialated. I never was 6 cm before. I was giving the option atm to vbac or c/s I decided to do a c/s and stay with my initial plan. When ds2 was born they found new knots throughout his umbilical cord that may have caused complications (this was not the reason for the low fluid as I was closely monitored throughout). My mom guilt went away. I had that wierd feeling that ds1 protected ds2 and if it were not for my poor decisions with ds1 who knows what may have happen. At least in my mind that is what gets me through the horrible decisions I made.

DD1--I got my vba2c. I just new from the moment I got pregnant this was what I was going to do. So I educated myself, exercised, stayed positive, practiced positions, and worked on my breathing. We were moving so I did not get worried when my previous Dr told me I couldn't vbac. I just said "OK OK OK." than when we moved I found a Dr who would let me. I knew I had the right Dr when he told me his wife VBA2C 14 yrs ago. He also explained the risks to me but also explained the risks of another c/s and treated me as an educated informed person and not like I am the DOCTOR! Only problem he is an hr and half away.

So when my water broke at 3:30 am (1st time my water ever broke) we got in the car and went to the hospital.

Not before I turned to dh and said "My water broke." His response "Are you sure." Me "Hey hun you want check for yourself." Him "No I am good, can I take a shower first?" Me "sure go ahead we should have time."

Stopped at Starbucks and got to the hospital around 6am. I labored and labored and labored until around 5 pm when I broke down and got the epi. I just got so tired that I thought that when it came time to push I would be to tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. So they gave me the epi and dh and I fell asleep. 7:45 came around and the nurse said it was go time and dh and I looked at each other like this chic is crazy. 45 minutes of pushing and a couple of dh jokes later DD was born. It was the craziest coolest thing ever!!! I felt so amazing and proud but not to many people understood why I wanted to do a vba2c. I think everyone in my family thought I was crazy and they were worried. I was on cloud nine for months after and I wanted to shout to everyone that I vba2c but nobody understood but I was still so excited.

DD2--to be continued..........

mibarra 03-26-2013 09:52 PM

For this baby, I had been having strong but irregular contractions all Saturday afternoon. Same Sunday, but more regular. Every time Id get ready to call my doc they would back off. Went to bed. At 2:30 am, I woke up with 5-7 minute contractions hurting enough to run a hot bath. At 3, as I was crouching down to sit in the tub, I lost my mucous plug (a first for me), then felt a gush of fluid. I told DH I think my water broke, we're going to the hospital. He ashed which number in my phone was doc after hours. I said I'm still bleeding, forget the doc, call my mom and tell her to hurry over here. Got out of bath because I was terrified of infection and couldn't remember when I cleaned it last. Grabbed our stuff and drove to hospital. By the time we reached the hospital contractions were 3-5 minutes with a band of fire around my lower back. I was 5 cm and 100% effaced, they agreed my water was broken. Admitted, IV port, draw blood... all the while contractions getting worse and worse, 2 minutes apart. I was literally screaming through them, begging DH to make it stop. I consented to narcotics because I could barely catch my breath between contractions at 5 am, I had already consented to an epidural. The narcotics provided minimal relief for 20-30 minutes. At 6 am they finally came for my epidural. I had to sit completely still through 3 contractions in the 5 minutes it took them to get it in. It started taking the edge off immediately and I was asleep within 5 minutes. When they checked my right before I was up to 8 cm. I woke up at 7:30 and they decided to have my doc come check me. She came a little before 8 am, said I was ready to push. Pushed until she was born at 8:21 am. 10 stitches but otherwise fine! :)

E_Sage 03-27-2013 10:27 AM

Re: Birth Stories
I was in the hospital for a week for respiratory and cardiac symptoms, and they did a bunch of tests. Every specialty that came to see me had their own explanation for my symptoms. The cardiologists' answer- the simplest and most obvious- was that my body was having trouble getting my blood from my feet past the baby-mass in the middle to my heart and brain, and once the baby was born, I'd be fine. I think they were correct. There was a bit of drama because once my doctor felt it was time to induce on Saturday, the doctor on call didn't want to. My doctor has seniority, but is very soft-spoken. The other doctor was pushy, and we pushed right back, lol. We think that my doctor just told the other doctor to let us choose because the other doctor came back in and gave us a speech which basically meant, "I don't want to induce you early, but I like getting sued less, so I guess we're inducing."

I was induced at 37w, 2d. I had planned to have IV narcotics and no epidural, but I was told that I had to have the epidural to prevent my heart rate from going to a dangerously high level and because I had fast births, IV narcotics might not be the best plan for me. I got the epidural and nap-labored for almost 24h while my body prepared to give birth early. I got to 5cm, and an hour later, I could feel what felt like her head making its way down the birth canal. I told the nurse, and she said that the residents weren't excited about re-checking my cervix an hour after they last did, but they did. She was an inch from being born, and then EVERYONE LEFT THE ROOM!!! DH went to go to the bathroom, the nurse went to set up for the baby, and the doctors went to gown up. I was UPSET because the baby was about to be born! Everyone came back in 5 min later, though, and I had three half-assed pushes and Harper Amelia was born 3/17/13 and weighed a whopping 7 lbs, 10 oz for a 37 weeker.

She wasn't breathing well, so they took her to the NICU. She was in the NICU for 6 days due to a pulmonary artery spasm that required supplemental oxygen and CPAP. It's a temporary stress condition that is common in bigger and full term babies, so something that she would have had whenever she was born and it could have gotten worse. It worked itself out Thursday night. After she was off of oxygen, her breathing was still too fast. I told DH on Friday that I was going to go to the hospital and not leaving again without my baby, so I held her for 19 hours Friday into Saturday to help her regulate her breathing with my breathing and breast feeding and she came home Saturday a happy, healthy baby. We saw my doctor at the hospital Friday, too, and he said that he was so glad to see me out of my wheelchair and that I looked like a totally different person, and he was glad that I had been induced at 37w, too.

steph410 03-27-2013 10:57 AM

Re: Birth Stories

Originally Posted by E_Sage (Post 16440440)
I told DH on Friday that I was going to go to the hospital and not leaving again without my baby, so I held her for 19 hours Friday into Saturday to help her regulate her breathing with my breathing and breast feeding and she came home Saturday a happy, healthy baby.

I love this part of your story <3

4dramamama 03-27-2013 11:05 AM

Holding my place for my story :)

E_Sage 03-28-2013 10:31 AM

Re: Birth Stories

Originally Posted by steph410 (Post 16440535)
I love this part of your story <3

Thank you, I do, too. The NICU doctors loved that a bit less, though, lol.

momneedssupport 04-02-2013 02:11 AM

On tuesday, march 26th, i had a busy day out and about. Bought a spare set of sheets for the bed, just in case. Had dinner with liesl and washed said sheets. Went to bed around 10pm with no inclination of labor. Around 115am i realized i was cramping in my sleep and at 1130am decided to get up and take something for the killer heartburn i had. I had several more rounds of cramping and the urge to use the bathroom. It took a few visits to produce anything, but then i was there about every 5 minutes. So, cramping and bowel issues......i better just give my mw, apprentice and liesl a headsup at 150am. i sat on my ball for every contraction and timed them for a bit before sending the list to the girls. That was at 210am. I continued to sit on my ball through the contractions and they were becoming more typical with a definite beginning middle and end. I knew then this was it. I woke bryan and said it was baby time. He groaned and asked if my water was broken. I said no and he said, "i have a few hours."
Lucy showed up first at around 230am, in the middle of a contraction too. Bryan got up, moved bray from the sofa to the bedroom and i labored with lucy on my ball. Then dana and liesl showed up. I had my little team there now. Bryan and liesl put the mattress cover on, not sure of the time, but lucy checked my cervix and to everyone's surprise i was 9cm with a bulging bag! I thought i was maybe 6-7cm. Transition was in full swing and i didnt know it!! So my ball was placed in the bathroom and i sat on it and leaned on my counter with really intense contractions where i banged my hands on the counter through the peaks. Liesl rubbed my back and reminded me to breath. I started to get the urge to push and my body sort of pushed a little for me once so i thought i wanted in my bed. I really didnt know what i wanted, no position was "comfortable" as i tried to figure out what i wanted to do my body started pushing. I guess i was fighting it because it just didnt feel right. Bryan stood beside me and liesl sat on the other side, both holding my hands and i gave a good quick push and my water exploded across the bed. Then, i beared down. Wow, it hurt. As his head came down i was acutely aware of every pain and pressure. When they told me to slow my pushing i thought they must be flippin crazy, but i did it. Little pushes and his head was born, then his body. My eyes were so tightly closed that liesl had to tell me to open them and when i did, bennett was brought to my chest. Warm, gooey and with an umbilical cord dangling between my legs, it was weird. I was still in pain and feeling horrible pressure because of my placenta. After i delivered it, i felt much better. Liesl cut bennett's cord. Born at 332am on march 27th, 7lb 11oz and 19.25in long he was here after just 10 minutes of pushing and two hours of labor.
I took a warm herb bath and nursed Bennett for a quick minute there. After getting dressed and back in bed, he got his newborn evaluation and everything settled down. My cramping made it difficult to sleep, but i rested. My biggest baby by 1lb 3oz and with the least amount of damage to mom out of the 3 babies.
I woke up with my family together and sat on my sofa and enjoyed my kids excitement over their new brother.

steph410 04-02-2013 06:45 AM

Re: Birth Stories
so lovely, thanks for sharing and great job!

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