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jbug_4 04-04-2013 11:42 AM

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
Seriously stupid! Ds just had his first ER visit. I am so super paranoid when it comes to shopping carts so I am at a loss as to why I let this happen. You know those shopping carts with the the 2 plastic seats in the front at target? Usually 2 year old ds sits in the back one and 5 year old dd sits in the front. I don't usually strap them in because the straps are always so mangled that they are useless. For some reason dd got into the back one and ds into the front. It gave me pause for a second and I thought to myself I should make then switch. but I let it go. Half way through the store ds is sitting the way he is supposed to so he is sideways. His head is the same distance from the floor it would be if he was walking. I push the cart- not even hard- and he falls out whacking the side of his head hard. For second I am thinking no big deal he hits his head a lot on the counter and table at home. he screamed rather loudly. Then he scared the mess out of me. I picked him up and he arched his back away from me. He wouldn't let me pull him to me. He was sort of laying in my arms and his eyes fluttered a few times and closed. I about had a heart attack. I said his name and he opened them back up. Then he let me pull him to me. We sat in the middle of the aisle for about 10 mins. He was so quiet. he wasn't really moving, he wasn't responding, he looked very groggy and sleepy but he was keeping his eyes open. He was freaking me out so I took him to the ER. He was falling asleep in car (he doesn't take naps anymore and never falls asleep in the car so this really freaked me out). We get to the hospital and he still not responding. The only time i got anything out of him is when I tried to get him to walk. he cried for a second. We were there for a total of 30 mins. The nurse saw him in his unresponding state, but by time the doc got in there he was talking and responding to questions. By time we left him and dd were trying to tear the room apart. It was like someone just flipped a switch on. If the nurse hadn't seen him the way he was when we first came in I would felt like a huge idiot. First I let him fall out of a shopping cart- seriously WTH- then I take a perfectly normal child to the ER. At least the nurse did see how he was when he came in and how different he was when we left. If he had perked up 10 mins earlier we wouldn't have even went.

First thing dh asked was don't those things have straps? Yep they do and i didn't use them. Me, who would not allow ds to be turned around in his car seat a day before his second b-day not even for one ride to the grocery store with grandma. Me who has my 5 year old in a 5 point harness in which she will stay in, until she out grows it. Me, who won't let the kids within 5 feet of water or fire unless they are holding my hands. Me, who dh shakes his head at at least once a week for being overprotective let them ride in the cart without the belts. I am so mad at myself.

jam's mum 04-04-2013 11:48 AM

Re: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
Oh no! Poor little guy. Don't beat yourself up, we've all been there (and now I know about buckling seats in Target, so thanks for the PSA :). I totally let my daughter go unstrapped in the seat, and now I won't). Keep an eye out for him, by all means, but he's probably fine :hugs:.

luvsgreen 04-04-2013 11:49 AM

Re: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
:hugs: Glad he is better, and nothing was seriously wrong! Don't be so hard on yourself!!

MsGiggles 04-04-2013 12:10 PM

Re: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
:hugs: It happens to us all in one way or another, mama. I'm sure kiddos have gotten knocked that badly just from a bad fall from standing/walking/running, too! :hugs: I'm thinking it is really good you took him to the ER - best to get it checked out and know what to look for in the next couple days, rather than assume it was nothing.

mibarra 04-04-2013 12:28 PM

Sorry mama! It happens to us all. Glad he was OK!!! Head injuries can be scary, better safe than sorry!

poohbear1208 04-04-2013 12:39 PM

Hugs!!!! My first DD fell out of the cart when she was around 1- I felt like the worst parent ever. Our 4th child burned her hands on our gas fireplace this winter- again, I felt like the worst parent ever ;). Stuff happens. No parent is perfect and I can guarantee everyone with a child has that moment where they feel like a total and utter failure. I know I have ;).

Nora+6 04-04-2013 01:14 PM

Re: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
Poor guy, but sounds like he was more shocked than actually injured. I've raised 3 of my 4 to adulthood, this stuff happens.

When my oldest was 4, we were at a McDonald's birthday party for one of his friends, and he was spinning around on a stool with a "spin-ny" seat (I don't think they even have them anymore) - I didn't stop him...the stools were maybe 2 feet off the ground, the kids were having fun. It seemed...okay, like something I shouldn't freak out about.

We left the ER with a chin full of stitches. :~

escapethevillage 04-04-2013 01:37 PM

Re: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
Don't be so hard on yourself. All of our kids get hurt. ALL of our kids attempt things they shouldn't. It's normal.

He could also be a "passer outer" kid... Ya know, they cry, then hold their breath, and pass out.

I saw a couple of kids in target on Monday... the little one (almost 2) was standing up in the very front seat of the cart. The Mom and her friend (or two moms) were about 15 feet away looking at things, the older boy (about 9) was messing with the cart. So, here's this little kid with her head about five feet off the ground, standing on a tiny little seat while her brother or friend messes with the cart. He SAW her, and then yanked the cart. I think it was an impulsive idea, and he didn't mean for her to get hurt so badly. But, she flipped out of that cart so fast that even if someone had been nearby they couldn't have stopped that.

Fortunately the Children's emergency room is right across the street. But, she was REALLY injured and her mom and friend seemed to be super calm. They did the whole "Well, that's what happens when you stand in the cart" thing for a while, hoping that would fix everything. Like the other people in the store would think "Well, I guess she'll learn now".

Brooke789 04-04-2013 06:52 PM

Re: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
The worst thing about those carts is (in my experience) you have to seriously hunt for a cart w/2 complete straps. Our stores (Walmart & Target have these) have nearly every cart with only one full strap. My 2 year olds MUST be strapped in. So, since I can't depend on the carts if I'm alone I take my Ergo so I can wear one if needed.

One time we were at Whole Foods and I was pushing DS in the shopping cart. We were almost at the end of our shopping trip and I stopped by by the cold drink section to buy a drink. I was looking at the drinks for literally seconds and I turned around and DS was about to fall out of the cart. I always use the straps, but either it was a bad strap or he figured out how to unstrap it. Scared me to death. Ever since then I check the straps throughout shopping trips to make sure they're still buckled!

Computermama 04-04-2013 08:24 PM

Re: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
We all do things that on retrospect seem pretty stupid. DD2 has this annoying habit when I put her on her change table of rolling over onto her belly and scooting forward to grab whatever is on the dresser next to it as soon as I take my hands off her torso. I was trying to put socks and shoes on her, so I sat her on it rather than laying her down so she wouldnt scoot. Silly mommy, when you lift up one of baby's feet, it messes with their balance and over she went, clunking her head on the edge of the change table. Last week months of me letting a rolling infant nap on my bed came to an end with her rolling off my bed onto the floor. Luckily both incidents she was more scared than hurt, but I really should have seen both coming.

Her sister's first birthday party was spoiled when she overbalanced in a strap on high chair that was strapped onto a folding chair (not enough weight in the bottom) and ended up with a huge bruise on her forehead. And big sister also took a roll off my bed too, although instead of being a super high Kingsdown bed onto carpet, it was a cheaper mattress and box spring sitting directly on laminate floor. In my defense that was something of an emergency, I left her on the bed because I had to run to the bathroom to get sick. It happens to all kids, and to the best of parents. We can only do our best.

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