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TeachinAuntie 04-10-2013 08:22 PM

Is there a place on DS to commiserate about kids with multiple allergies?

My 20 month old has many allergies and has had 2 anaphylactic reactions in 5 days. :(

Here's his current list: Peanuts was confirmed in the ER today.

Contact Reaction

Corn (especially high fructose corn syrup)
Peanuts (and peanut butter)
Dirt/the world outside

Ingestion Reaction

Corn (especially high fructose corn syrup)
Peanuts (and peanut butter)
Daiy (milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc.)

Possible Allergens/Foods We Avoid
All nuts
Citrus (all citrus fruits) ESPECIALLY Oranges
Shell fish (shrimp, crabs, lobster)

Safe Foods

Dried Strawberries
Trader Joes special hot-dogs
Dried cranberries (certain brands)
Fruit leathers (certain brands)

jbug_4 04-11-2013 04:39 AM

Re: Allergies?
There isn't on here. Don't know if its ok to say this here but there is an allergy forum at baby center. There aren't a ton of ladies on there but most are dealing with multiple serious allergies. They are very helpful. Its the most active allergy group I have found with regular members that check in daily.

Sorry you've had to join us. DD was about 22 months with her first reaction. Luckily she only has peanuts, cantaloupe and dairy intolerance. She just out grew coconut. We also avoid tree nuts, except blue diamond almonds which are peanut free. She is negative for all tree nuts but has only eaten the almonds. She drinks soy milk and was before the reaction so pretty sure she is negative. We generally stay away from highly allergic foods like shellfish. She has never been tested for them and since I don't them its not a big deal to keep away from them.

Good Luck. Take a look at Baby Center's Allergy Forum. Those ladies are very supportive and incredibly helpful. Most have been dealing with this for a long time.

Suzi 04-11-2013 05:14 AM

Re: Allergies?
I've seen some posts in the sn parts of ds. There are quite a few moms on here with kiddos with food allergies. I'm only helpful with seasonal allergies. My son and I are gluten intolerant alone and that is hard enough. :hugs:

mrseum 04-11-2013 06:00 AM

Yes! Ds1 (4 on the 28th) is sensitive to milk if its like the Greek yogurt otherwise seems fine. (However we do not do dairy at home but he may have it when we are out). He also just had a facial reaction to shrimp last week!
Ds2 (2 on the 25th)is Ana to milk. He is also allergic to soy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, and shellfish. I feel like he may also be having issues with wheat (which I am sensitive to) ugh! Oh & tomatoes make his reflux flair.
So as it stand he lives on (& loves!) rice. It is possible some meats bother him but on his already limited set its hard to afford grass fed!
He likes chicken, chicken broth, he can eat fries & chicken strips from BK & the same from Buffalo Wild Wings. He loves all kinds of fruit & loves corn, and will sometimes munch bell peppers.
For snacks: I just found "crunch master" brand gluten free chips ("graham" & others) at Walmart. We also do brother's all natural freeze fried fruit, applesauce cups, tostitos chips seem to have done away with soy oil. They munch on fruity Cheerios, rice/corn/cinnamon chex.
I also do coconut milk (going to try making my own soon!) coconut milk yogurt & ice cream. Or the Philly swirl Popsicles are nut/dairy ect free.
We do enjoy life bars & cookies once in awhile.
From Trader Joes we like the plantain chips & the black bean quinoa tortilla chips. They also have a rip on enjoy life snicker doodle cookies, an their sunflower seed butter is the only soy free one I've found. Once in awhile their dinner rolls are fine- and the other half they're labeled as having milk :headscratch: it's really frustrating when he's excited to actually have bread but cannot.
Wow! A novel; sorry! :blush:
It's really difficult. Now when I tell him he can't have food he goes: "all e gaa" haha! I JUST weaned him a week ago so I was following his diet as well. I feel really guilty about even thinking about having something he can't! I don't want him to feel left out. :/

ericsmom99 04-11-2013 01:50 PM

My son is allergic to eggs. I feel so bad for all of you dealing with tons of food allergies, I can't imagine! My sons reaction is quick and severe, we've used the epipen at home a time or two. Have you been to They're a huge wealth of knowledge and have lots of forums for chatting.

TeachinAuntie 04-14-2013 08:53 PM

Re: Allergies?
Thanks ladies! As soon as I have time I'll check out those other forums!

My 3 year old is really good about stopping others from feeding his brother---he screams-- NO--he's ALLLLERRRRRGIIIIICCCCC!" Its pretty cute. But, big brother was TERRIFIED when the baby ended up in the ER last week.

TeachinAuntie 04-21-2013 02:23 PM

Re: Allergies?
Haven't had a chance to check out the other forums and just got home from being admitted to the children's hopsital. 2nd anaphylaxis in 10 days. :/

The allergist suddenly has an opening for us too! :)

jbug_4 04-21-2013 04:39 PM

Re: Allergies?
What caused this one? You have an epi pen, right?

TeachinAuntie 04-23-2013 08:05 PM

Re: Allergies?
Milk. He's highly allergic. We didn't even realize he was reacting seriously until the 2 &6 hour reactions happened. I used the Epi and he and I got to take an ambulance ride.

jen_batten 04-23-2013 08:11 PM

Re: Allergies?
Wow. That sounds tough. :hugs: You might check out the special needs section. I know there are some moms there that deal with lots of food issues. And I've seen a few moms on here that have kiddos with several allergies.

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