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sheenashine 04-16-2013 03:42 PM

Cheap Girly GMs :) (and a couple boyish)
I'm going to do my best to describe each of these in detail, if you have any questions please message me! :) Also, if you feel my prices are off, feel free to MMAO :goodvibes: I am open to trades as well, right now I'm ISO size medium wool interlock covers and GM SGs (boyish).

Petite Fleur(?) CV, play condition, edge wear, snaps work perfect and elastic is still hanging in there, no stains. :) $15ppd

Lovely Leopard CV (from the original SYOF), play condition, snaps work, elastic works, may be a few minor loopy spots in the serging, I think it's still really cute :) $15ppd

Majestic (?) CV, play condition, could use a good Ecover soak, has been bleached, snaps and elastic work, though the elastic isn't as tight as it used to be. $12ppd

Snail race CV, SO CUTE, snaps and elastic are perfect, still squishy, small bleach mark on soaker (presumably from poop and not actual bleach), very mysterious red stain on bum- not very noticeable at all. $25ppd

NIP Mixed Tapes $35ppd


Pink with flowers OBV, play condition, edge wear, OBV is sherpa, snaps work great, elastic is still stretchy, print has been bleached. $12ppd SOLD

Fairy print CV, play condition, snaps are fine, elastic is a little loose, major edge wear. $8ppd or add to another diaper for $5ppd SOLD

Dragonfruit (?) CV, play condition, could use a good Ecover soak, probably not as bright as it was new, but brighter irl than the photo, snaps and elastic work $15ppd SOLD

Puff T&T CV, play condition, the edges are worn down and elastic is pretty relaxed, snaps work. $10ppd or add to another diaper for $7ppd SOLD

OBV with purple snaps, sherpa, elastic is completely shot. $5ppd or add to any other diaper for $2ppdSOLD

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