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77Lipen 05-03-2013 03:13 PM

Upcycled tshirts into diapers question
I want to up cycle a bunch of shirts into flats or prefolds but most of my shirts are a blend not 100% cotton. How much will this affect the function if they are cotton/poly blends? Or should I just figure something else out for them?

kelly679 05-03-2013 04:12 PM

I'd stick to cotton only. Tshirts aren't super absorbent so I would worry it wouldn't absorb enough. So comfy though!!! I have a few and they seem so soft!

jcarter 05-03-2013 04:49 PM

Re: Upcycled tshirts into diapers question
My experience with this: I made a bunch of fitteds out of old t-shirts, some of which were all cotton, some were blends. I don't notice much difference in absorbancy (neither are very absorbent, and it takes lots of layers!), but there may be some stink issues with using blended t-shirts. With my washer (top-loading HE) and water I finally gave up and went to commercial prefolds...

GEM Cloth 05-03-2013 05:48 PM

Re: Upcycled tshirts into diapers question
You really need 100% cotton for this but 80/20 will work. Don't use anything 50/50 as it's useless. It doesn't know if it is supposed to absorb or repel so it doesn't do anything.

You didn't ask this but if you are making prefolds, be careful how many layers you put in the center strip. If you use the cotton jersey and put too many layers, they will take absolutely forever to dry. I found a few layers of cotton flannel inside the t-shirt prefolds plus a thin doubler worked best.

Can you tell I made a lot of mistakes with t-shirt prefolds? :giggle: They were our absolute favorites.

RockinLou 05-03-2013 05:51 PM

I have made some fitteds from upcycled tee shirts, it takes about 12 layers for decent absorbency, so I do 4 layers in the outer body, and 4 layers on each of 2 soakers... Though I also tend to make the 4 layer outer body and throw in there whatever I have available, like some hemp pocket inserts, instead of making new soakers.

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