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blessed3times 06-17-2006 07:47 PM

Way TMI Question: Beware!
I don't know if this is where I should put this, but since I am ttc and since that is why I now know what I know, this is where I decided to put this. Got it? :headscratch:

Okay, so anyway, I was checking my cervix today to see if it was high or low. I did feel it, but I also felt a little bump like thingy. Not a knot, but like a little pimple or something. Please forgive me, I know that sounds gross, but I don't know what the heck that is!! It was very small. Should I go get that checked out?

I had a pap smear about a month ago and the dr said everything checked out fine. I may have to pay him another visit! :blush:

Christy 06-17-2006 08:12 PM

Re: Way TMI Question: Beware!
Cervix's do get bumps and change colors too! But it never hurts to get it checked out.

CMamma 06-17-2006 08:14 PM

Re: Way TMI Question: Beware!
And they change all the time during your cycle, etc

Kimmomy2dom 06-17-2006 08:25 PM

Re: Way TMI Question: Beware!
Yeah... I dunno. If it came back all clear, I wouldn't be particularly worried. I would think your cervix can get irritated - and that may be what it is. If you're concerned, I'd call your OB or MW and see if they say it's normal or not. I think if it were me I would wait a few days and then see if it's still there - since you just had your pap not that long ago. But, never hurts to err on the side of caution - so call if you're concerned!

lindsayncadence 06-17-2006 11:12 PM

Re: Way TMI Question: Beware!
I felt a lil bump before too and i got my iud out just days after and the midwife NEVER said anything so im guessing its normal but if your concerned i would get it checked

Melissa 06-17-2006 11:44 PM

Re: Way TMI Question: Beware!
I haveone on mine also and asked my doc about it once during a pap lol. He said that like any other body part they can have differences from person to person and mine was nothing to worry about. I still can feel it if I check. But if this is something new to you I would definitley have it looked at just to be on the safe side. :goodvibes:

camperjen 06-18-2006 11:52 AM

Re: Way TMI Question: Beware!
I've had bumps, too - like pimples, sorta. Completely normal!


jls~Kain~Drake 06-18-2006 08:42 PM

Re: Way TMI Question: Beware!
I've had them too...all my paps are always normal and no dr has ever said anything about it...and they come & go. Feels like a little hard pimple.

Shannon 06-18-2006 08:45 PM

Re: Way TMI Question: Beware!
Gosh, I'm no help...I didn't even know you can check your own cervix???? Or even how to do that*blush*..or WHY to do it*bigger blush*

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