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ZooCrew10 06-18-2006 09:19 AM

Getting past the biting?
How do you all get past the biting stage to nurse extended? My little one really chomps down and then grinds, and thinks it's funny when it makes me yell! It really hurts! I've had to reduce BF to when she's barely awake, like late at night or first thing in the morning (when we snuggle) or she really bites me hard. Any advice??

jeanieande 06-18-2006 06:41 PM

Re: Getting past the biting?
It will sound counterproductive, but when she bites, pull her in snugly against your breast. This will be uncomfy for her, and in order to breathe better, will automatically let go of your nipple. If you consistently take this approach, she'll get the picture that biting mom isn't funny and the consequences aren't very comfy. I would say "NO" in a loud mom-means-business voice and this also helped us. However, if she thinks it's funny when you yelp, this might not work for you.

HTH. Not saying this is a sure fire thing, but it worked for us!

dee1972 06-18-2006 07:06 PM

Re: Getting past the biting?
For me it worked to immediately end the nursing (physically, like when they were newborn, by putting a finger in the corner of his mouth) and put Michael down everytime he bit me. Also, as pp suggested, when I did that I said "no" in an "I-mean-it" voice and a frown. "No biting!", too. Once a minute or two had gone by, presuming he was still interested, I'd pick him up and we'd try again. Must have worked because he's 14.5 months now, has 8 teeth and doesn't bite. :) Good luck!

Quisalas 06-20-2006 04:33 PM

Re: Getting past the biting?
I ended my nursing with my boys because of biting. :( But Katrina and I are still nursing! :) I yell "No!" or "No biting!" in my Momma's mad voice, she lets go and bawls for a minute or two, and then I let her go back on. She started biting real bad when her first teeth came in 3 months ago, it worked, and then started up again when her top teeth came in, but yelling at her worked to stop it again, and she will still bite me every once in a great while, but it's not a habit at all. Putting her down after telling her no and walking away (usually just out of sight) and counting to 20 and then coming back got the message through to her. I tried to get past it with my middle child Trent, but I it just broke my heart when he cried, I couldn't stick to it.

mommypooh 06-20-2006 04:41 PM

Re: Getting past the biting?
My DS bit me on 2 occasions. the first time I just put him down and then we left the house so I didn't get to do much for reacting. The second time was one week later and he bit down I yanked him off my lap Yelled NO BITING set him on the ground quite firmly, got up walked out of the room slammed the bedroom door and serveyed the damage. I came out about 10 min later and still would not look at him. I walked away and went in the kitchen for another 15 min I had no response to him all the while he was yelling like I had killed him. When I did pick him back up and took him back to nurse he gently kissed the boob before gently latching on. He got the point quick. He started to bit down one time after that and I screamed so loud I scared him stiff. He was 10 months old when I did this.

I know I probaley should not have ignored him as long as I did but I was so angry I knew better than to try to interact with him until I had calmed down cause if he had done it again I can't say I would not have just pushed him off my lap. SO knowing my own temper I gave him a long time of no mommy attention so I could cool down.

greenkmt 06-21-2006 04:47 PM

Re: Getting past the biting?
Don't quit nursing because of it PLEASE!!!! It goes away, the first time my son bit me, I flicked him in the mouth. I know that it was wrong but I did it on reaction not on purpose. He wouldn't eat for like 24 hours and so I let him go on strike nad finally I squirted him in the mouth with my milk and he licked his lips and resumed nursing. Some people would have stopped nursing and said that he 'stopped nursing on his own' but that is BS. They don't do that, it is gradual. My DS is 20.5 months and doesn't do it anymore because he knows that I WILL NOT nurse him if he bites. I put him on the floor and VERY STERNLY say NO, Thompson, WE DON'T BITE!!! He hasn't done it in quite a while although he has tried to nibble and we nip that in the bud too!

The most important thing for advice is to realize that this does come and go in fazes and don't give up! Think of all the AWESOME things about extended BF! It gets better! Hang in there!

ETA: I would not ever flick him in the mouth on purpose so don't think that I am mean or anything. It happened once and NEVER again! i FELT SO BAD!

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